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210402 SevenElevenPatch

Well it's a mambo jumbo patch, filled with many goodies. New Bifron's and Mastema's voice, New story map for Fay, Mim, Tiamat, and Mastema. New German, Spainish, Russian languages. The Summer night terror is also back in campaign window. So hope you enjoy the summer in the Demon world. Sadly, we couldn't get the new summer mini game done in time. So please wait for it next week! :)

Patch Note v7.11[ | ]

- Reopen summer night terror in campaign window.

- Added new story maps: Soul Library. (Mim and Fay.)

- Added new story maps: Death Vale. (Mastema and Tiamat.)

- Added new Mastema and Bifron voices.

- Added new languages: German, Spainish, Russian.

- Fixed English language bug and rewrite language setting to be instantanous.

- Updated many thai translations.

- Lower Mastema's summon durations to 13, 18 and 23s.