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210409 SurferParadise

Isn't the summer heat too hot? Time to do some relaxing surf-skate to cool your body down with our new summer mini game: Surfer Paradise. We kinda made the thing too fast, so we couldn't get the physics to be stable enough over the network. So we change it to time-record mode for single player. It might get some time to use to the mouse control, but we promise that it's not that hard once to get the hang of it. Hope you like it. :)

Our old open arena, Summer Paradise is also re-open for some easy coconuts and the new ranking challenege#9: April Water is here. We also added new Japanese and Portuguess (Brazilian) languages to our game and fix the bug for other European language not showing up in the last patch.

ps. It's the start of long holiday in Thailand, but no worry. We're not going anywhere as the Covid virus is rampaging (again.) So we'll be doing polishing work instead.

Patch Note v7.12[ | ]

- Add new mini game, Surfer Paradise to campaign window. Play as surf-skater to get the fastest score for special rank quests.

- Add summer paradise to Steve's open areana. (Will replace all other arenas for 1 week.)

- Added new Ranking Challege #9: April Water to Campaign window

- Add new Devils: Devil Sharnaka and Devil Babay Shark.

- Add the three summer pets to Event Shop.

- Added water and earth satanic gems accessory to Death King's collector shop.

- Added new languages: Japan and Portuguese (Brazilian.)

- Fixed German, Spain, and Russia language pack missing from built client.

- Fixed many incorrect language displays.

- Add new special compound font for chatting in multiple language.

- Extend the official display font to include all European alphabets.

- Added new language selection menu for new player (before tutorial.)