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210416 UnderworldsHanami

The eastern wind had blown cherry seeds to the underworld. Suddenly the cherry trees have sprung up all over the place! So sit back and enjoy the new Hanami (flower viewing) event. (You might have also heard that the Sakura in Japan had bloomed since March, making it the earliest blooming in 1200 years.)

Sorry for another light patch, this week is actually Thailand's new year holidays. But we are undergoing many polishing works, as well as (you asked for it:) new dungeon. ;)

Patch Note v7.13[ | ]

- Change Demon Slum and Purgatory to new Hanami (flower viewing) Event.

- Add new event monsters: Daruma and Maneko. (23% and 80% drop rate, old OniKoi has 33%.)

- Change Pearl Shell (event item) to Cat Coin.

- Add new Hanami armor to Event shop. (Add 33% wind protection with random color.)

- Add wind weapons and yukata to event shop.

- Lower Devil Pass and Hunter Pass trade price to 1 event item.

- Lower many other event item trade price.

- Add water sound effects to Sunken Palace.

- Add new BGMs: SakuraPlain, SakuraBattle and SakuraSlum.

- Fixed bad English grammar.

- Add new Thai display font for large display.

- Fixed Surfer Paradise quest bug.