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210423 NewForgottenHall

Forgotten Hall is no longer forgotten! New revised version will spawn random mobs for you to fight through 13 waves. Tons of EXP is waiting for you if you can go through them all. Warning though, It won't be easy. In fact, its satanic mode is super hard and might be the hardest solo map so far yet. New Ranking Challenge#10: April Poison is also lived. This time you have to fight six devil Darumas which can only be damaged with effect damage.

Much of the work this week went into polishing various things in the game as well as the new up-coming dungeon. Hope you like them. :)

Patch Note v7.14[ | ]

- Update Forgotten Hall with random mobs mechanic and increase wave from 6 to 13 waves.

- New Ranking Challenge #10: April Poison added to Campaign Window.

- Add new devil: Devil Daruma.

- New Satanic Gem: Poison added to Death King's collector shop.

- Added various event items to event shop (fox mask, covid mask, wind anima, etc.)

- New special damage display. (miss, block, deflect, etc.)

- Added all missing demon skills' sound and effects,

- Added water splash effect to Purgatory Cave, Gluttony and warp effect to Wrath Arena.

- Updated Wrath Arena's Intro Movie.

- Fixed Skill menu display wrong skill details.

- Add French language to the game.

- Relight and optimized most maps to reduce lightmap's size by half.

- Change Fallen River light and post effect.

- Many bug fixed and tweaks!