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210430 FurnitureUpdate2

It's the second furniture update patch! The missing furniture from Lunar New Year, Summer and Sakura events are here in one patch with special discount rate. (There's also the valentine furniture coming soon too.)

Yes, as you might have guess, the real work is still on our up-coming dungeon. We are trying to push it to be released next week. But since we got another outbreak of Corona virus, we are force to send our staffs to WFH status. So will the new dungeon be ready next week? Your guess as good as mine, but finger cross and let's hope for the best! };)

Patch note v4.15[ | ]

- Add 7 new summer furniture, walls and floors.

- Add 13 new sakura furniture, walls and floors.

- Add 3 new lunar event furniture.

- Remove Fay's hat from yukata and hanami dress.

- Add missing satanic poison gem to Death King's collector shop.

- Remove summer campaign events.

- Re-added creeps' EXP to final Forgotten Hall's EXP reward.