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210507 WhiteChapelPreview

As promised, our forth dungeon 'White Chapel' is here! This time, you get to go up to the human world to hunt a mysterious rogue demon. We won't say much as it will probably spoil the fun, as this week is only a preview version. It's fully playable, just without the story and the final boss, which will be coming next week along with its real reward: pet fuser.

Again, we apologize that the last patch seems to be missing its content. They should also be included in this patch along with guild-system fixed. Considered that we only had two weeks to work on the new dungeon and had to work from home because of covid outbreak, I think we outdone ourselves, congratz and thx to all our staffs, onward and upward! };D

Patch Note v.716[ | ]

- Added new Dungeon: White Chapel to Dungeon gate. (Accessible from purgatory gate.)

- Added new creeps: Puppet Jack, Parasite Rat, Parasite Jack and Parasite walker.

- Added new mid-boss: Parasite Crocodile.

- Add four new dungeon materials:

- Add new anima (to be reward with the dungeon quest next week.):

- Fixed guild creation using unknown font input display.

- Change all guild promotion and demotion to leader only.

- Officers can now arrange guild furniture as well as manage guild missions.