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210514 JackRipperAndPetCapsule

The real White Chapel's boss: Jack Ripper is live in this patch, as well as the dungeon's story. We really spend a lot of time on them. We won't spoil the fun, but we promise that it is not that hard. The new pet capsules can also now be traded with the Puppet's collector shop inside the dungeon. This will let you upgrade the current equipped pet to higher level. Be warned though, not only the capsule is used, but your pet will also devour another required pet to grow. To find out which specific pet is needed, simply try to use the capsules in DemonSlum or in your guild.

Patch note v7.18[ | ]

- Add new dungeon boss: Jack Ripper and Parasite Ripper to White Chapel.

- Update White Chapel maps and stories.

- Added new Puppet Jack's collector shop to White Chapel (to be found in the map after the middle boss.)

- Added new Pet capsule that make your pet eat other pet and upgrade to next level.

- Fixed many incorrect Gui language displays.

- Item command can now be used in Town Interface. (press up arrow key.)

- Added new White Chapel quests.

- Added new White Chapel animas as quest rewards: (Add 10-40% accuracy and 2-5% run speed.)

- Change White Chapel's noobic level to be completed after the middle boss is defeated.