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210521 FluffyAttack

Attention! Fluffy creatures from Amy's Ancient Forest has somehow emerged in Purgatory. You know the drill, get rid of them for new fluffy event rewards! There's a gazillion new items in this patch, the Janitor weapon set that will clean you and your enemy of pesky status, and new set of animas. We also opened new Amy's story map in this patch, as well as updated the Hallow Patch with new story line. Hope you like them.

Patch note v 7.19[ | ]

- Add new event: Fluffy Attack with new event item: Cotton Fluff.

- Add new event beasts: CottonBud and CottonBum. (23% and 45% event drop chance.)

- Add new event anima: Fluffy I-IV (Add run speed and lower weight by 100-400.)

- Add new Amy's and Ishtar's story map: Wild Sanctuary. (Ishtar story to be opened next week.)

- Add story line as well as new fake lightings to Hallow Patch.

- Add Matti Dad's collector shop to Hallow Patch's fifth map. (trade for phantom armors.)

- Add new Janitor weapon set to event shop. (13% chance to inflict nullify on self or on target.)

- Add new power animas set to event shop and Kshapon: Attacker, Defender, Caster, Runner, Shooter, Evader, Gambler, Healer, Summoner, Blocker, and Bouncer I-VI

- Change Killjoy, Amy, Hermont and Mhaou's anima icons