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210604 CottonMarch

Bad news, the fluffy bunnies from ancient forest has made a den here in the underworld! Go get rid of them all before they spread! It's a new special line-defense campaign that let you kill the cute bunnies until your heart content. There's also new fluffy pets for you to trade from event shop.

We also added new Envy's Demon AI system. Sadly, there was a bit of drama going on, so we couldn't really finish the Demon AI coin system. So be sure to wait to try it out next week. :_(

Patch Note v7.21[ | ]

- Add new campaign, Cotton March to War Chamber (reward is the event items x10, x20, x30, x40 by difficulty.)

- Add new two fluffy pets to Event shop. (10% block abnormal status and reduce, add weight.)

- Add demon coins to guild shop and money shop. (Cannot be used yet.)

- Add team rank display in War Chamber.

- Add new detail stats to Demon Armory:

- Add select item quantity to Event Shop.

- Add Demon AI and AI Network to Envy Arena.

- Add Demon A.I. icons to big map.

- Add new Envy's intro movie.

- Increase XunWu's Dancing flame mod to STR(0.7-0.9) + MAG(60-90) dmg.

- Lower Nija's ground spike dmg and add new (33-50)% cripple effect to it.

- Lower Mim's chain lightning dmg to MAG(75-100).

- Fixed "disable the motion blur" option not working.

- Fixed Soul Tower color.

- Fixed guild shop crash when open.

- Fixed Mim's anima reducing only 1 mp.

- Fixed incorrect demon's weight final output that was override by default weight.

- Updated new Demon's anima icons:

- Update DRC Wiki's support anima page: