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210716 DemonTheater

Time to practice your demon's drama! This week we invite all demons to the grand opening of our of our Demon Theater. It's a new open town area for you to hang back and relax. We will be adding special mini games inside based upon current events. May the stage's spot light shine upon you.

Ranking Challenge is also back with a new devil Virus-Doctor boss. We also add various guides to various places through out the game. Most of the time this week went to our new asset loader, which will selectively steam your demon assets. This will help reduce loading lag for many players.

ps. Be warned. We have plan to reorganize some crafting materials next week.

Patch Note v7.27[ | ]

- Added Demon Theater, accessible through Demon Slum.

- Added a new asset loader, which fixed slight lag when a new player demon is loaded.

- Add new guide post icon to various places for special tips and info.

- Added and updated Tutorial Pages: Open World Area, Purgatory Plains , Purgatory Ruins, Purgatory Gate, Dungeon Gate , Death City, Anima Mixer, and many more.

- Added a new Ranking Challenge the 11th: July Poison (access from Campaign Window.)

- Add new Devil Virus Doctor bosses for Ranking Challenge.

- Added one more round of Demon Slum's Open Arena at 0.00 on Weekdays.

- Added various items to the event shop.

Bug Fixed[ | ]

- Fixed anima disappear from list when equip in Demon Armory.

- Fixed RodeoBob's damage not being display.

- Fixed Flame Altar display wrong recieved item name.

- Fixed incorrect Purgatory Name Display when entering another area.

- Fixed boss-step-on-smaller-character function not working on network client. (This will push and damage small chars when stepped on,)

- Fixed incorrect icon rarity of Poison Block Anima.

- Fixed incorrect minimap opacity in Purgatory wall.

- Fixed Zerachial Campaign End Cutscene bug.

- Fixed G.Coupon I bug that cannot be used in Guild Shop.

- Fixed item quantity that does not correspond to the material quantity trade in Guild Shop.

- Fixed incorrect skill level of demon after using summon altar in Purgatory Gate and Death City.

- Fixed dialogue bug in UDC open arena.

- and many more! (