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Urgent news, the kinky creature has escaped from the lust realm, causing troubles in the purgatory plain. Please go get rid of them for kinky rewards ! The Demon Theatre is now fully open for service! You can now watch various shows of your choice (from YouTube) now in the Demon Theatre. Also, we added a pet upgrade interface for those who favor collecting pets.

ps. Be warned that recipes for crafting are modified, and the raid boss schedule is rearranged.

Patch Notes v7.28[ | ]

- Added New Event : Kinky Escape

- Added a new event item : Kinky Tights

- Change Purgatory Theme according to New Event : Kinky Escape with new musics.

- Added New Event Creeps : Beckoner & Bouncer (13% and 23% event item drop rate)

- Added 11 new Kinky Weapons, at the Event Shop (+5STR, + 10TAL, 13% chance to inflict pervert status.)

- Added a new status : Pervert - causing MP and SP to reduce and prevent their regeneration while moving.

- Added new Demon Theater Menu interface and option to play youtube url.

- Updated Flame Altar interface.

- Added a new Pet Capsule Interface.

- Added new Open Hunt interface.

- Added a Icon for ‘Help Post’ in various places

- Added New Item : Platinum Dust.

- Added New Ore Source : Platinum Ores to Death City.

- Added Collector Shop Icon in mini-map in various Dungeons.

- Updated Crafting Recipe.

- Add new guide post and rearrange Raid Boss Schedule as follow :

Bug Fixed[ | ]

- Fixed holes in Demon Slums and Death city.

- Fixed and unified all summon functions to correctly update summon's spawn position.

- Adjust Monster’s level in Open Hunt Quests to correspond to open hunt monsters spawn

- Fixed incorrect tutorial window size in Demon Slum

- Fix Kasha’s incorrect language display

- Fixed Matti’s Midnight Murder Skill Bug.

- and many others...