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Story Chapter 2 is here! This week we open 6 new demon stories (Wiktor, Anneberg, Bifron, Matti, Mim and Troth.) We spend a lot of time making them as funny as possible, so please refrain from skipping the dialogues, rofl. This patch also added new Ranking Challenge #12 Wind Earth with new tougher mechanics because our players are too good at getting full scores. It's actually a light patch, since it's super long holiday locally. But be preapred to be surprised next week, ;)

Patch Note v.7.29[ | ]

- Added new story map: Registration Hall - Wiktor, Barbas Anneberg and Bifron's chapter 2 stage. (Barbas' story is coming next week.)

- Added new story map: Debate Theater - Fay, Matti, Mim and Troth's chapter 2 stage. (Fay's story is coming next week.)

- Added new story chapter 2 quests.

- Add the rest of the Kinky weapons to Event Shop:

- Added a new Ranking Challenge #12: Wind Earth (access from Campaign Window.)

- Add new Devil Beckoner and Devil Bouncer.

- Update Ranking Challenge's mechanics where you recieve full special score from the start. This score then is deducted every time you use an item.

- Change demions in Tutorial to include Dominatrix and Pirate demions.

Bug Fixed[ | ]

- Fixed Troth's summon bug.

- Fixed Troth's skill: DoomObelisk lvl bug.

- Fixed Theater can't play clips.

- Fixed player can't change trinket in lobby.

- Fixed a lot of thai translations.

- Adjust Bleed and Pervert status will inflict half damage.