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210806 BaalRex&KinkySlum

The hardest raid boss has arrived!! Baal Rex, the ancient hell dinosaur has been spotted roaming the purgatory plain. All travellers should take caution in avoiding this feral giants. Those brave enough to face its claw might be reward with a new hidden power. Other raid bosses has gone under major update as well. Their schedule have also changed and many of them will no longer spawn in the purgatory plain. We also change the Demon Slum town to kiny theme for one week, just to send off the event.

ps. Thank you everyone for coming to our Bigbug Balloon Give Away Event. Don't forget to send in your log id if you haven't received it. ;)

Patch Note v7.30[ | ]

- Change Demon Slum to Kinky theme.

- Add new raid Boss Baal Rex. (Appear in purgatory plain every 2 hours this weekends.)

- Add new raid boss material: Rex Tail.

- Add new raid boss anima: Jurassic - Anima from Baal Rex. Adds 5-20 STR and 6-15 physical damage.

- Add new pet drop from Baal Rex. (adds 3% non-elemental damage and reduce 5% incoming non-elemental damage,)

- Add four new lust furnitures to Guild Shop. (Trade with event item.)

- Change raid boss schedule as followed: (Bosses will only spawn in their own area.)

- Change Didemdum's HP to 188880.

- Add new move to Didemdum : Rubber Punch (Wind Attack.)

- Change Didemdum's Bowling to non elemental damage.

- Change Suriya' HP to 160000.

- Add new move to Suriya: Solar Ring (Magical Light Attack.)

- Add new move to Suriya: Solar Storm (Magical Light Attack.)

- Increase Suriya' Sun Nova Heal from 4000 to 10000.

- Change Nurse Annie's HP to 20000.

- Increase Nurse Annie's Heal from 10000 to 20000.

- Raid Boss will no longer random its stats and level.

- Add raid boss move notice message.

- Add new admin tool to set raid boss HP and Time.

- Slow Verin's Cyclone speed down.

- Fixed bosses not playing summon animations and effects.

- Change bosses collisions to not be stepping over small decors.

- Change HP Regen enhancement recipe.

- Added a new Help Post at Purgatory Desert.

- And so many more.