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210813 Helympics

Surprise! Helympics, a new open area, is now calling for demon champions! Compete with your fellow Helympians in 6 different categories to win eternal glory and your "pictogram suit" as grand reward. (The more the competitors, the higher the score. So please restain from killing them all out to win.) Well, we couldn't come up with the 6th one, so it's actually 5 sports for now. The new event will be open every day through out the week. Then every sunday afterward. So sorry for the delay but there were a lot of new things that has to be done.

And don't forget to get some exercise in real life, especially during the pandemic. ;)

Patch Note v7.31[ | ]

- Added a new Open Arena, Helympics. (Accessible from Steve in Demon Slum - require Devil Pass to enter. )

- Add a new Helympics Category: Running - sprint or warp to the goal as fast as you can.

- Add a new Helympics Category: Jump Hurdle - run and jump to the goal with inhuman speed.

- Add a new Helympics Category: Football - kick punch or do whatever to get your ball to touch down.

- Add a new Helympics Category: Archery - destroy any six targets before your enemies.

- Add a new Helympics Category: Boxing - knock out Boxing Dummy before the bell ring.

- Added a new item, Helympic Medal (throw in the flame altar for random rewards.)

- Added a Pictogram Suit, which can be worn by all demons. (23 all stats but reduce rainbow elements)

- and many more...