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210820 Multiverse

A temporal time rift has caused Purgatory's clock to go hay wire. All pass events have been jumble together into one single patch. This is a perfect time to find your missing items to prepare for our up coming tournaments!

ps. You might notice that this patch also include a new Lust City arena. This is only for our WFH staffs to access the arena for their works. So please stop clicking or trying to hack into it. It will be here soon enough. ;)

Patch Note v.732[ | ]

- Change to new open world's event: Multiverse. (with over 13+ monsters from past events.)

- Change purgatory's battle music the our new OST: "Necrophobia".

- Add new event item: M.U.Thing (drop rate equal to monster's level.)

- Update event shop with various past event items. (To be cycle next week.)

- Add 7 new player rank conquests.

- Add 30 new demon's level conquests.

- Add new Lust City proto-type. (For Bib Bug Staffs internal use only.)