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210827 MuChallenge

The M.U. Event continues as our multiverse monsters have form an anti-hero groupy band. Anyone who able to defeat them with nice score will earn special M.Universe anima that randomly grant untold power to the owner. We have translate and updated many missing pages on our website and on our game wiki. They now contains a lot of useful informations, such as damage calculation, raid boss stats and moves and etc, So don't forget to check them out.

Anyhoo, as promised our advertising campaign is kicking off very very soon. So if you encounter anyone trying to capture the best vdo of our game this week, please help them as much as you can. ;)

Patch Note v7.33[ | ]

- Updated and added thai language to our game homepage, including our registration form. (

- Updated and added thai language to our game wiki. (

- Update Event Shop with new past event items. (To be shuffle next week.)

- Added a new Ranking Challenge #13: MU Challenge (access from Campaign Window.)

- Added new MU anima as MU Challenge's Ranking reward. ( add random effect every (60-30)s.)

  • First place will get satanic anima,
  • 2nd-5th: Legendary
  • 6th-20th: Epic
  • 21-100: Rare

- Added new Devels: DevilJimFrost, DevilCottonBum, DevilXnianta.

- Unlock all new player level conquests.

- Fixed Melom not spawning in purgatory ruin.

- Fixed Purgatory spawn rate (should be almost double now).

- Relight White Chappel's underground turnal.

- Update Volcanic Fort's texture and lighting.

- Update Scale of Eidolon and Dungeon Gate Sky box and lighting.

- Fixed Demon cults wrong polygon and update their materials.

- Fixed Mara Flying bug.

- Fixed wrong silver display at 199999

- Fixed demons corpse don't disappear.

- Fixed player can't change accessory in Dungeon Gate's lobby.

- Fixed Chukwa drop wrong pet item.

- Fixed some anima description.

- Fixed Pet Capsule unable to upgrade pet to level 3.

- Fixed wrong player's rank display in lobby.

- Fixed Wrath arena AI stopping when blocked.

- Fixed Helympic: Boxing don't calculate score.

- Fixed Helympic give out wrong rewards.

- Fixed Barbas gun drone missing.

- Fixed missing boss HP bar in dungeon.

- Fixed Beholder spawn bug.

- Fixed many sounds bug.

- Fixed AxeBone, KnightBone and MageBone Pets not adding buff every 60s.

- Fixed Demions anima's wrong icon color.

- Fixed many typo.

- update Lust City for our staff to check their progress,