DemonsAreCrazy Wiki

Trinket[ | ]

Icons Name Effects
T all1 Power Ring STR+6
T all2 Fortitute Ring VIT+6
T all3 Agility Ring DEX+6
T all4 Wisdom Ring TAL+6
T all5 Life Ring HP+100
T all6 Magic Ring MP+50
T all7 Energy Ring SP+5
T all8 Regen Ring +5% Regen HP
T all9 Mana Ring +3% Regen MP
T all11 Head Charm +3% ATK
T all12 Bone Charm +3% DEF
T all13 Fang Charm +3% SPD
T all14 Cube Charm +3% MAG
T all15 Butterfly Charm +5% Heal
T all16 Dice Charm +5% Crit
T all17 Paw Charm +5% Evasion
T all18 Key Chain Charm Block 10 Physical damage
T all19 Coin Charm Block 15 Magical damage
T all21 Golden Pin +5% light damage
T all22 Fire Bracelet +5% fire damage
T all23 Water Bracelet +5% water damage
T all24 Green Earrings +5% wind damage
T all25 Gaia Belt +5% earth damage
T all26 Spark Key +5% thunder damage
T all27 Ice Crown +5% ice damage
T all28 Poison Clover +5% Poison damage
T all29 Dark Wedge +5% Dark damage
T all31 Strength Pin +15 STR
T all32 Vitality Pin +15 VIT
T all33 Swift Pin +15 DEX
T all34 Brilliant Pin +15 TAL
T all35 Summoner Pin increase all summon stat by 10%
T all36 Ragged Pin increase all item effect by 25%.
T all37 Eyes Pendent increases accuracy by 10%
File:T all38.png Red Pendent increases Hate by 50%
File:T all39.png Jade Pendent reduce Hate by 25%
T all41 Holy Amulet +25% light resist
T all42 Pyre Amulet +25% fire resist
T all43 Flow Amulet +25% water resist
T all44 Wind Amulet +25% wind resist
T all45 Flow Amulet +25% earth resist
T all46 Thunder Amulet +55% thunder resist
T all47 Ice Amulet +25% ice resist
T all48 Poison Amulet +25% poison resist
T all49 Dark Amulet +25% dark resist
T all51 Offence Bangle +7% ATK
T all52 Defence Bangle +7% DEF
T all53 Arcane Bangle +7% MAG
T all54 Speed Bangle +7% Speed
T all57 Holy Bangle +25% Healing
T all59 Training Bangle +25% EXP +25% Gold
T all61 UDC Belt +5% Phy.Damage and 5% Defense.
T all62 Solved Puzzle +5% Mag.Damage and 5% Speed.
T all63 Ancient Pyramid +10% Summon and 10% Evasion.
T all64 Bonsho Bell Block 20 physical 30 magical damage.
T all65 Vampire Fang +10 physical damage and 30% HP Regen.
T all66 Blue Lotus +15 magical damage and 20% MP Regen.
File:T all67.png Diablo Head Explode upon death, dealing MHP f.dmg.
T all71 Soul Collector increases over soul by 1 every 60s.
T all72 Life Hack increases EXP gain from combat by 25%.
T all73 Treasure Locket increases item drop rate by 3%.
T all74 Satanic Frame reduce soul consumption after used by 33%.
T all75 Sand Of Time reduces death time by 50%.
T all76 Zero Hand negate all negative stats from equipments (not including anima.)
T all77 Null Artifact negate all negative elements from equipments (not including anima.)
T all78 True Ethereal +30% chance to block abnormal status.
T all79 Limit Breaker Increase damage limit by another 9999 dmg.
T all81 Satanic Ring +25 STR
T all82 Satanic Armlet +25 VIT
T all83 Satanic Charm +25 DEX
T all84 Satanic Pendent +25 TAL
File:T all91.png S.Journal +50% undead killer.

Accessory[ | ]

Icons Name Effects
T acc1 Cool Glasses STR+5
T acc2 Sun Glasses VIT+5
T acc3 Sport Glasses DEX+5
T acc4 Nerd Glasses TAL+5
T acc6 FPS Glasses change view point to first-person-shooter camera.
T acc7 TPS Glasses change view point to third-person-shooter camera.
T acc8 HNS Glasses change character view point to hack-and-slash camera.
T acc9 MMO Glasses change character view point to role-playing camera.
File:T acc10.png Bunny Ear increase luck.
T acc11 Dream Gazer extends caster's sleep and nightmare duration by 3s.
T acc12 Dream Catcher +33% protection against sleep and nightmare.
T acc14 Heart Wing VIT +7 STR+5
File:T acc13.png Umbella water and light protection but reduce thunder.
T acc15 Pumpkin Mask Add 10 dmg to Phy.Attack
T acc16 Pumpkin Band Add 15 dmg to Mag.Attack
T acc17 Rudolph Horn Block 15 Phy and Mag Damage
T acc18 Smiley Head Add 300 HP ,15 Fire and Earth Protection
T acc19 Summer Snorkel Add 20 Water Protection and Block 15 Phy.Damage
T acc20 Fox Mask +10% EVD / -15 STR
T acc21 Mango Mask +10 SP and 500 weight.
T acc22 Surgical Mask Gives 15 Poison Resist and Block Poison and Venom status.
T acc23 PM.Mask Gives 15 Wind and reduce the effect of air pollution.
T acc24 Blood Rose VIT=10, WATER +20 ,WIND=20,EARTH +20 ,DARK -30
T acc25 H.Baton give n.attack 13% criple for 3s.
T acc26 H.Gloc give n.attack 13% disarm for 3s.
T acc27 H.Rifle give n.attack 13% bleed for 3s.
T acc28 H.Grenade give n.attack 13% silence for 3s.
File:T acc29.png Z.Bracelet n.attack 23% to reduce 33% heal for 6s.
File:T acc30.png JumpTank enable wearer to hover in the air with double jump.
T acc31 Light Orb Change weapon to light element / n.attack +13% eff.dmg.
T acc32 Fire Orb Change weapon to fire element / n.attack +13% eff.dmg.
T acc33 Water Orb Change weapon to water element / n.attack +13% eff.dmg.
T acc34 Wind Orb Change weapon to wind element / n.attack +13% eff.dmg.
T acc35 Earth Orb Change weapon to earth element / n.attack +13% eff.dmg.
T acc36 Ice Orb Change weapon to ice element / n.attack +13% eff.dmg.
T acc37 Thunder Orb Change weapon to thunder element / n.attack +13% eff.dmg.
T acc38 Poison Orb Change weapon to poison element / n.attack +13% eff.dmg.
T acc39 Dark Orb Change weapon to dark element / n.attack +13% eff.dmg.
File:T acc40.png Turban +10TAL/ protect user from light, wind and sands
T acc41 Travel Boots +100% speed and various elemental protections
T acc42 Lucky coin +10 DEX / +10% chance to prevent physical damage.
T acc43 Devil Shield +10 STR / +10% chance to return physical damage back.
T acc44 Ouija Triangle +10 VIT / +13% chance to prevent magical damage.
T acc45 Voodoo Doll +10 TAL / +13% chance to return magical damage back.
T acc46 Golden Bell +150 HP / +13% chance to prevent effect damage.
T acc47 White Bouquet +100 MP / +15% chance to block abnormal status.
T acc48 Viking Helmet prevent death when HP is more than 13%.
T acc49 Red Horn +23% Fire, Earth, Thunder but reduce -13% Wind, Water, Ice.
T acc50 Blue Horn +23% Wind, Water, Ice but reduce -13% Fire, Earth, Thunder.
T acc51 C.Fan Return 8% MMP when owner is hit. (3s cooldown)
T acc52 C.Umbrella Return 8% MHP when owner is hit. (3s cooldown)
File:T acc53.png Black VR +10 STR/ Reduces all KO damage by 50% (round up)
File:T acc54.png White VR +10 VIT/ that increases n.attack's KO by 50% (round up)
File:T acc55.png KirenAmulet gives 13s 6% hp regen when owner is hit. (23s cooldown)
File:T acc56.png GabilAmulet gives 13s 23% phyUp and defDown when owner is hit. (23s cooldown)
File:T acc57.png KunchornAmulet gives 13s barrier with hlg(130) hp when owner is hit. (23s cooldown)
File:T acc58.png NakaAmulet inflict 13s aoe tal(23) venom when owner is hit. (23s cooldown)
File:T acc59.png GarudaAmulet deal tal(130) thunder mag.dmg to attacker when owner is hit. (23s cooldown)
T acc61 Light Ametyst +20% light damage, -30 DARK.
T acc62 Fire Ruby +20% fire damage, -30 WATER
T acc63 Water Gem +20% water damage, -30 THUNDER
T acc64 Wind Emerald +20% winter damage, -30 EARTH
T acc65 Earth Emerald +20% earth damage, -30 POISON
T acc66 Ice Diamond +20% ice damage, -30 FIRE
T acc67 Thunder Diamond +20% thunder damage,-30 WIND
T acc68 Poison Diamond +20% poison damage,-30 ICE
T acc69 Dark Onyx +20% dark damage, -30 LIGHT
File:T acc71.png Witch Hat +6TAL, reduce recieving magical debuff by 3s.
File:T acc72.png Witch Broom +6TAL, extend magical debuff by 3s.
File:T acc73.png Witch Pot +13TAL, extend curses by 6s.
File:T acc74.png Drama Knive Deal 66 e.dmg when hit enemy at the back with normal attack.
File:T acc75.png Drama Script Reduce magic cast time by 2s.
File:T acc76.png Drama Mask +23% chance to block effect damage

Pets[ | ]

Purgatory Plain Pet[ | ]

Icons Name Effects
T trk30 Baby Ekkling Increases EXP gained from combat by 5~10%.
T trk31 Baby FooFoo Add 15~30 water protection.
T trk32 Baby Batling Block 50~100% silence.
T trk33 Baby Dekko Block 50~100% disarm.
T trk34 Baby Corbus Adds 5~10% physical evasion.
T trk35 Baby MotleyEye 25~50% Chance of casting detect when hit by invisible units.
T trk36 Baby Crone Adds 10~20 TAL.
T trk37 Baby Trololo Adds 10~20% chance to block abnormal status.
T trk38 Baby Rhonos Adds 10~20 VIT.
T trk39 Baby Hoof Adds 5~10% MP drain to n.attack.
T trk40 Baby Grimace Adds 5~10% HP drain to n.attack.
T trk41 Baby UnderTaker Add 25~50 HP Regen.
T trk42 Baby Beholder Add 15~30 MP Regen.

Purgatory Desert pet[ | ]

Icons Name Effects
T trk44 Baby Windie Adds 15~30% wind protection.
T trk45 Baby Solaris Add 15~30 fire protection.
T trk46 Baby Baby Gyps Adds 10~20 DEX.
T trk47 Baby Shirofu Block 30~60% all lock status.
T trk48 Baby Kurofu Block 30~60% all disable status.
T trk49 Baby Crappy Adds 10~20 VIT.
T trk50 Baby Dune Adds 10~20 physical dmg.

Purgatory Cave Pets[ | ]

Icons Name Effects
T trk51 Baby Corona Adds 15~30 poison protection.
T trk52 Baby Nosoi Adds 5~10% magical damage return.
T trk53 Baby Pox Gives 25~50% chance to block poison and venom status.
T trk54 Baby Mysthic Add 15~30 mag dmg.
T trk55 Baby Wisp Add 15~30% healing.
T trk56 Baby Golem Add 15~30% earth protection.
T trk57 Baby Titan Block 15~30 physical damage.

Death City Pet[ | ]

Icons Name Effects
T trk58 Baby Sword Bone Adds 20~40% accuracy.
T trk59 Baby Pike Bone Adds 5~10% critical rate.
T trk60 Baby Lost Bone Block 20~40 magical damage.
T trk61 Baby Axe Bone Auto-cast +10~20% def (13s) every 60 seconds.
T trk62 Baby Knight Bone Auto-cast +10~20% atk (13s) every 60 seconds.
T trk63 Baby Mage Bone Auto-cast +10~20% mag (13s) every 60 seconds.
T trk64 Baby Death Knight Block death status by (40~100)%

Devil Pet[ | ]

Icon Name Effect
T trk71 Baby Chef Adds (50-100)% Gluttony and Gigantas set's special power. / EARTH,POISON = 10
T trk72 Baby Amalgator Adds (50-100)% Sloth and Abadon set's special power. / THUNDER,WIND = 10
T trk73 Baby Animus Adds (50-100)% Wrath and Fury set's special power. / FIRE ,ICE = 10
T trk74 Baby Aragnea Adds (50-100)% Envy and Malice set's special power. / WATER,EARTH = 10
T trk75 Baby Luxuria Adds (50-100)% Lust and Lover set's special power. / POISON,THUNDER = 10
T trk76 Baby Diablo Adds (50-100)% Greed and Avarice set's special power. / WIND,WATER = 10
T trk77 Baby Hybris Adds (50-100)% Pride and Exalt set's special power./ LIGHT,DARK = 10

Raid boss pet[ | ]

Icon Name Effect
T trk21 Baby Lycidas Adds (25-50)% beast killer effect.
T trk22 Baby Suriya Adds (25-50)% angel killer effect.
T trk23 Baby Didendum Adds (25-50)% elemental killer effect.
T trk24 Baby Chukwa Adds (25-50)% fish killer effect.
T trk25 Baby Mr.S Adds (25-50)% insect killer effect.
T trk26 Baby Nemesis Adds (25-50)% horror killer effect.
T trk27 Baby Nurse Adds (25-50)% undead killer effect.
T trk28 Baby B-Rex Adds (25-50)% dragon killer effect.
T trk29 Baby Omicron Adds (25-50)% machine killer effect.

Event pet[ | ]

Icons Name Effects
T trk1 BigBug Balloon Adds 23 fire, water, wind, earth, thunder, ice and poison protection.
T trk2 BlueBug Balloon Adds 13 fire, water, wind, earth, thunder, ice and poison protection.
T trk6 Tangerine Balloon Adds 5 fire, water, wind, earth, thunder, ice and poison protection.
T trk11 Baby H.Wing Add 7-14% light damage and protection.
T trk12 Baby Mulizard Add 7-14% fire damage and protection.
T trk13 Baby P.Apple Add 7-14% water damage and protection.
T trk14 Baby Koi Add 7-14% wind damage and protection.
T trk15 Baby C.Bud Add 7-14% earth damage and protection.
T trk16 Baby T.Robot Add 7-14% thunder damage and protection.
T trk17 Baby S.Rabbit Add 7-14% ice damage and protection.
T trk18 Baby S.Child Add 7-14% poison damage and protection.
T trk19 Baby Mink Add 7-14% shadow damage and protection.