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You can mix up six animas into one upgraded anima with higher rarity (Uncommon->Rare->Epic->Legendary->Satanic.) However, this process will randomly pick one anima from six to upgrade and all other five animas will be discarded.


Accessing Anima Mixer[ | ]

Anima Mixer Altar is located in front of the Soul Tree inside Purgatory Cave.


Anima Upgrading Rules and Conditions[ | ]

  • The anima mixer will random choose one of the 6 animas used to upgrade.
  • The chosen anima will upgrade into one higher rarity. [ex: rare->epic].
  • The mixer will not choose animas with satanic rarity.
  • if there is at least one blank anima in the list, it will randomly upgrade one another animas to the current Blank anima rarity.
  • If all 6 animas used have satanic level, you will receive a Blank satanic anima instead.
  • If all 6 animas used are Blank animas, the mixer will randomly upgrade one of them to the next level of rarity.

Bypassing random mechanic[ | ]

There are ways that can bypass random process and guarantee that the Mixer pick your selected anima to be upgrades as follows:

  • Use all other five anima with Satanic level.
  • Use same animas for all anima used.
  • Use five blank animas with desied level.

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Examples[ | ]

Here are some examples to Anima Mixer:

  • Might II x3 + Might Ix3 will yield: Might II (50%) or Might III (50%)
  • Might II x6 will yield: Might III (100%)
  • Might II + Blank IV x5 = Might IV (100%)
  • Might V x6 = Blank V (100%)

In Game Tutorial[ | ]