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Anneberg is a demon in DemonsAreCrazy.[ภาษาไทย]

Background[ | ]

Anneberg is a crystal dwarf from secret demon tribe deep within the earth's core. Rumor has it that they are the one who cause all the earthquakes.

Strategy[ | ]

Anneberg is the super tough tank with tons of HP. He also absorb and gain stacking protection from elemental attacks.

Stats[ | ]

Base Stats lv 1 lv 10 lv 30 lv 60
STR 130 (+100) 130 180 280 430
VIT 190 (+160) 190 310 430 670
DEX 65 (+35) 65 83 118 170
TAL 65 (+35) 65 83 118 170
Elemental Resistance
Normal - Light - Fire - Wind - Water - Earth - Thunder - Ice - Poison - Dark -
Other Immunity

Anneberg Skills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
CrystalLance CrystalLance Native Throws lance dealing STR(1.5) dmg with normal attack.
AbsorberShield AbsorberShield Native Enable Anneberg to guard with charge attack, reduce damage by 50% and double prism guard stacking rate.
DefensiveCharge DefensiveCharge Native Enable repeated run attack, dealing 2xSTR(1.0) and reduce incoming damage by 50%.
PrismGuard PrismGuard Native Increase the damaging element protection by 5% for 6sec every time Anneberg is hit with elements (stack, max 30%).

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
ShieldBash ShieldBash Active Deals STR(3.0~4.5) dmg with n.attack's element to surrounding enemies with TAL(300~450) hate.
DemonHunt DemonHunt Active Throw spear toward closest enemy demon dealing STR(2.0~3.0) dmg to the closest enemy in 230m (demon first) with weapon element and cripple it for 6 sec.
EmeraldRay EmeraldRay Passive Fire beam at one enemy dealing TAL(130~200) [wind]/[earth] mag.dmg and 50% to others, reducing wind/earth def by LVL(23~33) for 13 sec.
Diffuser Diffuser Active Erase all elemental protections on self and place them on surrounding allies for (20~30)s.
EaterOfElements EaterOfElements Passive Increase Elemental Guard's maximum stacking protection to LVL(50~75)% and duration to LVL(10~15)sec.
EmeraldFall EmeraldFall Active Leap and smash target ground, dealing STR(2.0~3.0) wind/earth dmg and TAL(230~350) wind/earth dmg and 50 ko.

Second Row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Reflector Reflector Active Reflects the next LVL(40~60)% dmg back at its attacker.
TwentySpikes TwentySpikes Active Deals 20x STR(0.3~0.45) [earth] dmg with consecutive 10% dmg increased each hit.
RollingStone RoolingStone Passive Rolls foward dealing 10xSTR(1.5~2.3) [earth] dmg while blocking all phy.dmg.
CoreDrill CoreDrill Active Deal 5xSTR(1.5~2.3) [earth] damage in 10m area.
TerraFirma TerraFirma Passive Add barrier shield to charge attack, blocking all projectiles and add LVL(33~50)% dmg reduction.
AegisShield AegisShield Active Reduce LVL(33-50)% def but grant other demons allies a shield that block LVL(66-100) p.dmg and m.dmg for 30 sec.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Crystal Spark CrystalSpark Active Paralyze all nearby enemies 3s and reduce their [rainbow] resistance by LVL(20-40)% for 13 sec.
PiercingJems PiercingJewels Active Block phy.dmg and deal 7xSTR(2.0~4.0) dmg and 1xTAL(400~800) mag.dmg with weapon's element. (x2 to Elementals).
EarthRumble EarthRumble Active Channel an earthquake, inflict cripple and deal 13x TAL(200-400) [earth] mag.dmg for 13 sec.
Summon Life Crystal SummonLifeCrystal Active Summon a crystal that restores up to LVL(200~400)% of MHP. (Self-activate when Anneburg's HP reaches 0.
AllDefense AllDefense Active Gives self and demon allies a LVL(25-50)% DEF boost for 60 sec.
File:Emerald Castle.png EmeraldCastle Active Call out a castle wall for LVL(60~130)s.

Anneberg Conquest[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win 6 Arenas with Anneberg I bls1 x3 Blood Stone
Win 13 Arenas with Anneberg N gld5 x100 golds
Win 23 Arenas with Anneberg Y anb1 x1 Crystal Tribe I
Win 36 Arenas with Anneberg N sol6 x60 souls
Win 50 Arenas with Anneberg N gld8 x300 golds
Win 66 Arenas with Anneberg Y anb2 x1 Crystal Tribe II
Win 84 Arenas with Anneberg I pbk7x1 PaintBucket 7
Win 103 Arenas with Anneberg Y anb3 x1 Crystal Tribe III
Win 130 Arenas with Anneberg I ksm1 x1 Kosmos