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Archive Forum is the Soul Tower’s public record library. Here you can apply for, or even register new political guild, view demon candidates’ stories through the story orb or read the Demon Wiki.

Story Orb[ | ]

Story Orb inside Archive Forum let you play through demons’ background stories. You can play them in four difficulties, each with its own reward. Some demons stories are overlapped with one another, but their dialogues and outcome may differ.


Political Guild[ | ]

Players can register a new guild (Forming a new guildwill cost you ShopGold600 gold) or join an existing one from the guild administration in Archive Forum. Guild leader can also promote members to different ranks ( member, officer) with various privilages. Once you have a guild, you can visit guild house by exiting through slum’s east gate.


Guild Member privilages

  • Join Guild Contents: Guild Challenge
  • Guild House
  • Materials donate: donate specific material in guild board to get some Guild coupon and build guild furnitures.
  • Guild shop. (trade for many items using guild coupon)
  • Decorate guild house (only for guild leader, officer)
  • Guild storage (*Trainee required rank promotion from guild leader/officer before use.)

Demon Wiki / Necropedia[ | ]

Necropedia is the best resource for all in-game tutorial pages and perhaps the most over-look features. Given the depth of the battle mechanic, it is advised to come browse them from time to time.


In Game Tutorial[ | ]