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Bar is a weapon equipment for XunWu.

XunWu's Bar List [Weapon][ | ]

Icons Name Stats Special Elements Craft material
W xun1 Standard Bar - - - M ore1x3 M ore2x1
W xun2 Black Bar STR+3 VIT+3 DEX+3 TAL+3 - Dark M ore1x6 M ore2x2 M ore3x1
W xun5 Hny Bar STR+4 VIT+4 DEX+4 TAL+4 - Light event/gold shop
W xun7 Novice Bar STR+1 VIT+1 DEX+1 TAL+1 +5% kill exp, -5% all element resist. - -
W xun14 Valentine Bar VIT+7 DEX+7 +6% chance to inflict Charm. - event
W xun15 Toy Bar STR+5 VIT+5 DEX+5 TAL+5 - Rainbow event
W xun17 Training Bar STR+2 VIT+2 DEX+2 TAL+2 +10% kill exp, -10% all element resist. - -
Janitor Bar STR+7 TAL+7 +13% chance to inflict nullify on self or target for 3s. - trade via guild shop
W xun21 Rotten Bar STR+5 VIT+10 +13% chance to Heal 5% MHP when atk. - M glt1x13 M ore1x6 M ore2x12
W xun22 Junk Bar DEX+10 TAL+5 +13% chance to inflict Silence - M slt1x13 M ore1x6 M ore2x12
W xun23 Torture Bar STR+10 DEX+5 +13% chance to inflict Disarm - M wrt1x13 M ore2x3 M ore3x2
W xun24 Wilder Bar VIT+5 TAL+10 +13% chance to inflict Poison - M env1x13 M ore2x3 M ore3x2
W xun25 Kinky Bar STR+5 TAL+10 +13% Chance to inflict Pervert status - -
W xun27 Holy Bar VIT+8 TAL+8 +10% HLG - M prd1x13 M ore4x1 M ore3x4
W xun29 Laser Bar DEX+23 +13% chance to reduce 13 DEX (stack.) Thunder event
W xun33 Wind Bar STR+10 DEX+15 +13% Evasion Wind event
W xun34 Cloud Bar DEX+15 TAL+10 +33% Accuracy Water event
- Inca Bar STR+10 VIT+15 +5% Def, +5% non-[light/dark] element resist. Earth event
W xun38 Lich Bar STR+10 TAL+15 +6% MP Drain Ice trade via death king. (death city)
W xun39 Blood Bar STR+15 TAL+10 +6% HP Drain Fire event
W xun41 Gluttony Bar VIT+30 - Earth M glt5x7 M wrt1x23 M ore2x23 M shd7x13
W xun42 Sloth Bar DEX+30 - Thunder M slt5x7 M env1x23 M ore2x23 M shd5x13
W xun43 Wrath Bar STR+30 - Fire M wrt5x7 M slt1x23 M ore2x23 M shd1x13
W xun44 Envy Bar TAL+30 - Water M env5x7 M glt1x23 M ore2x23 M shd3x13
W xun45 Lust Bar DEX+9 TAL+9 +7% block Abnormal status. Dark -
W xun47 Pride Bar VIT+10 TAL+10 +10% HP Regen Light M prd5x13 M env1x7 M ore2x6 M shd8x12
W xun51 Torment Bar STR+9 VIT+9 DEX+9 TAL+9 +13% chance to inflict torment. Dark Demons conquest
W xun52 Special Bar STR-5 VIT-5 DEX+10 TAL-5 +15% Fire damage. - trade via arena shop.
W xun53 Romance Bar VIT+14 TAL+14 +that adds 13% normal dmg but reduces 20% fire def. - event
W xun54 - - +- - event
W xun61 Gigantas Bar VIT+25 DEX+10 - Poison M glt9x16 M shd4x23 M rdb3x23 M ore2x66
W xun62 Abadon Bar DEX+25 TAL+10 - Wind M slt9x16 M shd2x23 M rdb1x23 M ore2x66
W xun63 Fury Bar STR+25 VIT+10 - Ice M wrt9x16 M shd6x23 M rdb2x23 M ore2x66
W xun64 Malice Bar STR+25 TAL+10 - Thunder M env9x16 M shd8x23 M rdb4x23 M ore2x66
W xun65 Lover Bar DEX+13 TAL+13 +7% block Abnormal status. Light -
W xun67 Exalt Bar STR+15 TAL+15 +10% HP Regen Light M prd9x16 M shd1x23 M cmp7x23 M ore2x66
W xun71 Satanic Bar STR+20 VIT+5 TAL+20 - - trade via King in Yellow.
W xun76 FrostDew Bar STR+10 VIT+10 DEX+10 TAL+15 Gives n.Attack 23% chance to inflict 23% IceDown Ice trade via Ice Penguin. (TOA)