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DemonsAreCrazy's battle mechanic is the same across all different types of game modes. All characters' power are based on four basic stats (STR, VIT, DEX and Tal) which are used to calculate all the battle mechanic. In general, all damages fall into three categories: Physical, Magical, and Effect.


Main Stats[ | ]

  • HP - Hit Points are the life of each character. When it reaches 0, the character will die.
  • MP - Magical Points are the points required to use various skill.
  • SP - Stamina Points are drained when character sprint or take other actions. Character will enter exhaust state when it is depleted.
  • KO - Knock Out Point is reduced everytime a character is hit. When it reaches 0 character will enter knockout state.
  • Run Speed - Run Speed determined how the character's based movement speed.
  • Weight - Weight determine how far character is pushed when it knock back.

Primary Stats[ | ]

The four primary stats are the bulk of what makes each character's differences, as they are used to determine almost all other stats and damage calculations. They increase as the character levels up or when the character equips equipment.

  • STR - Strength increases character's physical damage and defense by 1% and adds Max KO by 0.1.
  • VIT - Vitality increases character's physical and magical defense by 1% and adds Max HP by 10.
  • DEX - Dexterity increases character's crit rate, crit damage, evasion as well as its run speed by 1%
  • TAL - Talent increases character's magical physical damage and defense by 1% and its Max MP by 3.


Secondary Stats[ | ]

Secondary stats are multipliers that typically start at 100% for all characters. They can then temporarily increase or decrease when receiving buffs or debuffs, greatly influencing the outcome of any battle. Demons can also equip or enhance their equipment to directly affect these attributes.

  • ATK - Attack directly increases character's physical damage by 1%.
  • MAG - Magic directly increases character's magical damage by 1%.
  • DEF - Defense directly increases character's defense by 1%.
  • HLG - Increases character's healing by 1%.
  • CRT - Critial directly increases character's critical hit chance by 1%.
  • ACR - Accuracy directly reduce character's miss chance by 1%.
  • EVD - Evasion directly increases character's evasion chance by 1%.
  • SPD - Speed directly increases character's movement speed by 1%.

Damage Type[ | ]

All attacks will result in a physical, a magical or an effect damage. There’s no difference in result, only how the damage is calculated. For example, most normal attack will be physical and use STR in their calculations. So higher strength = stronger normal attack. Magical and effect damage are mostly TAL base, and they cannot be evaded or recieved critical state.


Physical Damage[ | ]

Physical Damage (white color) is the most common damage type in the game. It recieves chance to miss, evaded and get critical. (When crit, the damage color will turn to yellow number.)



Magical Damage[ | ]

Magical Damage (pink color) is damage from magical power. It cannot be evade with evasion points nor do they recieve any chance of getting critical. It is usually indicated with TAL(number) where number is the MOD of the skill being used, multiply by user's TAL.


Effect Damage[ | ]

Effect Damage (purple color) is mostly damage from damage over time status or some special attack that bypass target's defense. They cannot be evade nor crit but does not take target defense into calculation.


Field Damage[ | ]

Field Damage (blue color) is damage from environment that cannot be evaded or crit. They also bypass all defense calculations.

Defense Calculation[ | ]

The unit's physical defense is determined by its combined VIT and STR stats, whereas magical defense relies on its combined VIT and TAL stats. These values are then multiplied by the unit's DEF attribute. The resulting final defense value is used to mitigate incoming damage through division.


Elemental Resistance[ | ]

Each character has different values of elemental resistance and will greatly increase or decrease the damage recieved from that elements. When there are multiple elements in one attack, the SUM resistance is used instead.

  • Normal Normal (or non-elemental)
  • Light Light Element
  • Fire Fire Element
  • Wind Wind Element
  • Water Water Element
  • Earth Earth Element
  • Thunder Thunder Element
  • Ice Ice Element
  • Poison Poison Element
  • Dark Dark Element
  • Rainbow Rainbow Element (equal all elements except light and dark)
  • Rainbow element is a special element type. When an attack has a rainbow element, the result damage is the combined SUM of all elemental resistances (excluding light and dark), not the average.


Example for multi-element move resist calculation.

  • Xunwu's FlashFire FlashFire (deal Fire/Wind damage)
  • Targets with -50 fire / -30 wind resist will take 180% dmg.
  • Targets with +50 fire / -30 wind resist will take 120% dmg.
  • Targets with +50 fire / +30 wind resist will take 20% dmg.

Buff and Debuff Status[ | ]

There are many buff and debuff status in the game which will cause different temporary effect to the character. They will vanish over time and return character to the original state. The status with same effect will combine together, leaving with longest duration and highest effect. Some status with opposite effect (such as STR Up and STR Down) will cancle the old one out, leaving only the new one in place.

There are 4 main Types of Buff/Debuff in the game.

  • Crowd Control - Another Buff/Debuff that causes the character to inflict some status (ex. Stun/Silence/Disarm/Cripple...)


Example Status.

Status Effect Des
StrUp STR Up Increase STR by x amount.
PhyDown Physical Down Reduce physical damage by x amount.
Burn Burn Gradually deal x damage over time.
Blend Blend Gradually deal x damage over time.
Cripple Cripple Halve target speed and disable running.
Cleanse Cleanse Erase all other magical debuffs on target.

While most Buff/Debuff doesn't stack, there are many GameStatus that carry similar effects and can be used in conjunction with each other to enhance the result. This way, you can even defeat the strongest foe by planning the best strategy for each situation. Choose the buff/debuff combinations wisely to create the Buff/Debuff combo such as below.

Evade Combo (maximize the evasion chance)

  • Evade tank with EvasionUp EvasionUp + DexUp DexUp buff
  • Debuff target with Blind Blind + DexDown DexDown + AccuracyDown AcuDown

Anti-Phy Combo

  • Blind Blind + PhyDown PhyDown + StrDown StrDown

Anti-Mag Combo

  • Silence Silence + MagDown MagDown + TalDown TalDown

**For the specific damage, such as Raid Boss fight, players can combine these groups of buff/debuff with elemental buff or uniqueStatus for the easier raid.

You can see the list of all status here: GameStatus

In Game Tutorial[ | ]