DemonsAreCrazy Wiki


DemonsAreCrazy is divided into many several types of gameplay. All of them give out varying degree of levels and items that allow you to take on even harder content. For beginners, we reccommend following the steps below to familair yourself with each of game types.


Train in Open World[ | ]

First thing, you should learn how to use your demons and their skils. You can do this by killing low-level monsters in Purgatory Plain. But be mindful though, the purgatory is divided into different areas with harder monsters. You can also be attacked bu other player in some other area.


You can get to Purgatory Plain by exiting the Demon Slum's south gate or warp from the War Chamber.

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Do the Campaigns[ | ]

Once you are familiar with your demons, you should try out different campaigns inside War Chamber (Require 1 campaign orb, which will regenerate every 30 second.)


We recommend that you enter campaign with a group but for soloing purpose, you can try stage in the first tab as follow:

- Chaos Vault


- Forgotten Hall


For a group we recommend you try out the following stages:

- BatCavern


- DekkoNest


Once you defeat these stages, then you should be avle to take on other stages with higher difficulties.

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Sign up for the Arena[ | ]

Once you think you get the hang of the game, we reccomend that you try out differrent PvP arenas right away. You might not win, but you will surely gain huge unstanding about combat system from other players. You can enter the Arena from Soul Tower > War Chamber > War Altar


If you like to practice with one or two players, you can enter the Practice Arena which will pitch you against random Demon AI.


You can also use the Recruit Board to sign up for the arena you want.


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How to gain Level quickly[ | ]

You generally get EXP from all type of gameplays. But for faster approach, you can do the following:

- Use "EXP Boost" or various item that help increase EXP from killing monsters.

- Use Blood Stone to instantly raise EXP from the skill window in Armory.


- Gain EXP from raid bosses in Open World (you don't need to kill the boss, just being there when the boss dies will give you EXP.)

How to gain Player Rank[ | ]

Player Rank is probably the most important leveling in DemonsAreCrazy. Not only is it the objective of the game, but it will also grant you access to higher contents and items. You can gain Player Rank from the followings:

- Complete daily quest and conquest from arena and campaigns.

- Enter PvP Arenas to receive Souls from weekly ranking rewards.

- Complete the jobs from Demon Slums.

- Enter special event activities.