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Blood Eclipse is an open PVP event and takes place in any areas of the Purgatory Fields(OPW).



The objective of this event is for demons of the same guild to team up and hunt down demons of other guilds to obtain scores. Hunting down players with higher ranks will allow you to gain more points, while points will be deducted after getting killed. Note that score can only be obtained once for eliminating each opponent.

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Score Calculation

The formula for the points received or deducted is as follows: *Note that your net score can be negative*

PvpScore = 60 + (DeadPlayerRank - KillerPvpRank)

Opening Rounds

Weekdays : Every 22.00

OpenWorld Schedule


The player with the highest score will obtain a special reward (PVP coins) at the end of each week! The rewards will be sent to your mailbox on Friday after the Weekly Server Maintenance.

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