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Campaign Mode (PvE) is a secondary game mode that give players opportunity to form team and challenge different objective for additional rewards and unique equipments. One green energy orb will be required to play any campaign. Once used, the orb will be replenish every hour.


Gaining Access[]

Campaign Window can be open by talking to hovering Demion in WarChamber. Normal campaigns can be access anytime while special event campaigns are time specific that comes and go with event period. All campaigns require one green orb to play which will be replenish every one hour.


Enhance Campaign[]

Enhance Campaign is single player stage that aim to provide player with additional resources.

ChaosVaultBanner.png Chaos_Vault

Team: 1 Player

Objective: Destory Baphies for gold.

ForgottenHallBanner.png Forgotten_Hall

Team: 1 Player

Objective: Fight waves of creeps for EXP.

MiningGallery.png Mining Gallery

Team: 1 Player

Objective: Collect elemental shards

Exploration Campaign[]

Exploration campaigns are stages that yields high amount of exp to demons. Eliminate all local monsters in each campaign to gain the highest amount of exp possible.

BatCavern.png Into the BatCave

Team: 2 Players

Objective: Destroy 6 Baphies.

DekkoNest.jpg Dekko Nest

Team: 3 Players

Objective: Hunt Dekko Dad

JurassicTrail.png Jurassic Trail

Team: 3 Players

Objective: Collect 5 eggs

Steve'sCart.jpg Steve’s Cart

Team: 3 Players

Objective: Protect Steve's cart

IchijoNoodle Banner.jpg Ichijo’s Noodle

Team: 3 Players

Objective: Protect Ichijo's Noddle

Trial Boss Campaign[]

Trail bosses are special mini bosses mission that often require good team planning. Getting high level and using strategic equipments are also recommend before undertaking each trail.

KanibalTroupeBanner.png Karnibal Troup

Team: 2 Players

Objective: Defeat Circus Master

AeonsMillBanner.png Aeons Mill

Team: 3 Players

Objective: Defeat Aeonium

RageOfRaganautBanner.png Rage Of Raganaut

Team: 5 Players

Objective: Defeat Raganaut

TitaniaThornBanner.png Titania Thorn

Team: 4 Players

Objective: Defeat Titania

IceTempleBanner.png Kanalu Temple

3 Players

Defeat Kanalu

ScaleOfEidolonBanner.png Scale of Eidolon

5 Players

Defeat Hypnos and Thanatos


Holy Zerachiel

4 Players

Objective:Defeat Holy Zerachiel

FourMantrasBanner.jpg Four Mantras

5 Players

Objective : Defeat the Tetra Mantras

Tyrannos Banner.jpg Tyrannos

5 Players

Objective : Defeat the Tyrannos

Pandora'sParadox.png Pandora's Paradox

4 Players

Objective : Defeat the Pandora

Special Event Campaign[]

Event campaigns are time specific that comes and go with event period.


Choco Heart


Bat Cavern





Ranking Challenge[]

"Ranking Challenge" is a special campaign which will come every two week with new stage/bosses scoring condition. The top player of each event will receive new key item call "king coin" which players can trade them for special satanic accessories from Collecter Shop at Purgatory Gate. (Reward will be distribute out at the end of each event.)

to get high score, players will be scored base on the following category:

- Damage - deal as much damage as possible to monster.

- Defense - receive as little damage as possible.

- Time - clear the stage as fast as possible.

- Special - get special score for completing map's objective.

(Higher difficulty will give better score.)

Ranking Reward list[]

rank reward
1st K rkc1.png KingCoin x5
2nd-5th K rkc1.png KingCoin x3
6th-29th K rkc1.png KingCoin x2
30th-99th K rkc1.png KingCoin x1

Special Reward list for Halloween event[]

rank reward
1st K rkc1.png KingCoin x7
2nd-5th K rkc1.png KingCoin x5
6th-29th K rkc1.png KingCoin x4
30th-99th K rkc1.png KingCoin x3
100th+ K rkc1.png KingCoin x1

(**reward list for Halloween event - 22nd-29th Oct 2021**)

Special Reward list for Floral event[]

rank reward
1st T trk73.png Baby D.Sprout IV
2nd-5th T trk71.png Baby L.Bud III
6th-29th T trk72.png Baby S.Child II

(**reward list for current event - 19nd-26th Nov 2021**)

in-game tutorial[]