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Overview[ | ]


Accept the challenge of the Grand Teller and venture into the Living Vault! Destroy as many bafies as you can within the allotted time to earn your fortune!

  • Type: Daily Campaign
  • Team: Single Player
  • Objective: Destroy as many baphies as you can in 90 seconds

Map[ | ]

ChaosVaultMap Texture

Game Play[ | ]

- There is a time limit of 90 seconds. Kill baphys within the limited time to get silver.

- There are 3 types of baphys : Bronze, Silver, Gold. You get more silver according to the baphy type respectively.

- Higher difficulty levels give out higher amount of silver.

Chaos Vault Conquest[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Play 3 Noobic Chaos Vault N gld2x20 gold
Win 500 Gold in Chaos Vault T all16x1 Coin Charm
Play 5 Humanic Chaos Vault N gld4x50 gold
Win 1000 Gold in Chaos Vault N gld5x100 gold
Play 7 Demonic Chaos Vault N gld6x130 gold
Win 1500 Gold in Chaos Vault N gld7x200 gold
Play 9 Satanic Chaos Vault N gld8x300 gold
Win 2000 Gold in Chaos Vault N gld9x500 gold