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In DemonsAreCrazy, you can craft equipments and enhance your gears with powerful stats and abilities. Crafting shop or Hell furnace is where you can create new Weapons and Armors from your owned materials. Enhancement also allows you to add on powerful stats and effects on your equipments to make you stronger in Hell. Anima Mixer allows you to combine your junk anima into a more powerful one. Similarly Pet Capsule is used to combine different pets together to level them up and make them stronger.


Crafting Weapons and Armors[ | ]

You can craft equipments such as armors and weapons at the Hell Furnace in Vault to increase your strength in hell. To do so. you will need schemas, which will contain the recipe of each equipment. Weapon and armor schemas for crafting can be obtained from various quests of arenas and dungeons.

Enhancing equipments[ | ]

You can also enhance your equipments to gain additional status or ability. Similar to crafting, schemas are required. Enhancement schemas can be obtained from the shops in the vault, demon cult at the purgatory gate, Death King at Death City, and fish creature in Sunken Palace Dungeon.

Crafting Shop[ | ]

In the crafting shop, you will find 3 categories: Weapon, Armor, and Enhancement.

  • Every time you craft or enhance a equipment, the blacksmith will take your materials according to the ingredients required, which will be shown at the lower left box.
  • The number of ingredients required will be following ‘x’, while the number of materials you currently have will be in parenthesis.
  • Schemas are permanent, and will not be lost at any time period of crafting.
  • Additionally, when enhancing an equipment, you will first have to select am enhance schema and choose one equipment that you desire to add that ability to.

Success Rate and Bribing[ | ]

  • Each equipment do have a different success rate. Every time you craft, there is a chance of crafting failure. If it fails, all your ingredients required for that specific equipment will be lost. However, you can always bribe the blacksmith by using mammon gold for guaranteed result and 100% success rate.
  • Success rate also depends on the rarity of each equipment : Uncommon : 80% success rate, Rare : 65% success rate, Epic : 50% success rate, Legendary : 35% success rate, Satanic : 20% success rate

In game tutorial[ | ]

Anima Mixer[ | ]

You can mix up six animas into one upgraded anima with higher rarity (Uncommon->Rare->Epic->Legendary->Satanic.) However, this process will randomly pick one anima from six to upgrade and all other five animas will be discarded.


Accessing Anima Mixer[ | ]

Anima Mixer Altar is located in front of the Soul Tree inside Purgatory Cave.


Anima Upgrading Rules and Conditions[ | ]

  • The anima mixer will random choose one of the 6 animas used to upgrade.
  • The chosen anima will upgrade into one higher rarity. [ex: rare->epic].
  • The mixer will not choose animas with satanic rarity.
  • if there is at least one blank anima in the list, it will randomly upgrade one another animas to the current Blank anima rarity.
  • If all 6 animas used have satanic level, you will receive a Blank satanic anima instead.
  • If all 6 animas used are Blank animas, the mixer will randomly upgrade one of them to the next level of rarity.

Bypassing random mechanic[ | ]

There are ways that can bypass random process and guarantee that the Mixer pick your selected anima to be upgrades as follows:

  • Use all other five anima with Satanic level.
  • Use same animas for all anima used.
  • Use five blank animas with desied level.

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Examples[ | ]

Here are some examples to Anima Mixer:

  • Might II x3 + Might Ix3 will yield: Might II (50%) or Might III (50%)
  • Might II x6 will yield: Might III (100%)
  • Might II + Blank IV x5 = Might IV (100%)
  • Might V x6 = Blank V (100%)

In Game Tutorial[ | ]

Pet Capsule[ | ]

Pet Capsule is a type of Field Item, which can be used in Demon Slum, to upgrade your equipped pet. Upgrading will also require another type of pet as part of the ingredients. The ingredients will depend on your current equipped pet and one pet capsule.


Different levels of pet capsule will be used to upgrade different levels of pet as follows :

  • C ptc1 Pet Capsule I is used in upgrading your current equipped pet from Level 1 to Level 2
  • C ptc2Pet Capsule II is used in upgrading your current equipped pet from Level 2 to Level 3
  • C ptc3Pet Capsule III is used in upgrading your current equipped pet from Level 3 to Level 4

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