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Dispell is one of Fay's spells. Alternate of Dystopia & Target Dispell. Fourth Column Spell, First Row Spell.

Basic Summary[ | ]

Image Type Description
Dispell Active Removes all magical status from an area. Deals TAL(150~230) [water] m.dmg to all summons

Description[ | ]

This spell create an AOE around the user, does huges water magical damage to summons, and removes any status from the user and any entities into the AOE.

This spell has 7 seconds cooldown.

Visual[ | ]

Tips[ | ]

Very useful against Kanalu Status that make him invulnerable.

Levels[ | ]

Level Damage Stamina Cost Mana Cost
1 80 2 30

Damage has certainly a multiplier relation with your Talent Statistic.