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Double Cast is one of Fay's spells. Alternate of Shared Intellect & Master of Elements. Sixth Column Spell, First Row Spell.

Basic Summary[ | ]

Image Type Description
DoubleCast Active Enable Fay's next spell to be cast twice in a roll.

Description[ | ]

This spell will give a buff of 24 seconds, any other spell you cast will consume this buff, and you'll cast two time the same spell with same parameters (position and target) with no stamina nor mana cost.

Note : Dispell, Gravity Shift and Galactic Storm will not consume the buff and in conse'uence, the user will not double cast theses spells.

This spell has 53 seconds cooldown.

Visual[ | ]

Levels[ | ]

Level Stamina Cost Mana Cost
1 3 30
2 3 33