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Overview[ | ]

The Catastrophic Black Dragon King has emerged from its imprisonment! This majestic dragon has been summoned into the abyss by deranged cultists. The creature must be halted at any expense!

  • Type: Campaign
  • Team: 5 Players
  • Objective: Defeat the Tyrannos.

Map[ | ]


Game Play[ | ]

- Defeat Tyrannos by dealing damage directly or standing on the center altar to summon Satanic hands. - Satanic hands will spawn once the center platform is fully charged to 100%. Once they are spawned, step on the Satanic auras to deal 10k damage to the abyssal dragon.

- Destroy the CultPillars to prevent Tyrannos from regenerating his health.

- Once Tyrannos hp is below half, he will use special skills so be very mindful of.

Boss Details[ | ]

Tyrannos[ | ]


Black king dragon who was imprisoned inside a dark abyss as punishment for stating a dragon rebellion.

  • Race: Dragon
  • Level: 430
  • EXP: 900
  • Copper: 2000

Basic Stats[ | ]

100,000 800 400 400
600 400 300 500
Elemental Resistance
Normal - Light -50 Fire - Wind - Water -30
Earth - Thunder - Ice -30 Poison 50 Dark 100

Abilities[ | ]

  • Rage Smite - Deal STR(1) dmg to target on the middle altar.
  • Dark Flame - Breath dark fire to frontal area, dealing Poison/Dark poison/dark TAL(66) mag.dmg and inflict 23% poisonDown and darkDown for 60s.
  • Abyssal Hook - Fire 5x black chain at 2 random enemies, each dealing Tal(50) Dark dark dmg.
  • Blood Sacrifice - Choose a random target demon as sacrifice. Deal 5% of Tyrannos' MHP as eff.dmg if target is not in middle altar in 9s. Otherwise reflect the damage back at itself.
  • RageTrample - Deal 2x STR(1.5) dmg and create 4x falling rock that deal STR(0.5) dmg.
  • Giga Flame - Breath or stream of dark flame, dealing 7x TAL(100) mag.dmg to enemies that is in its open path.

Conquest[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win 1 Noobic Tyrannos N sol5 x50 souls
Win 3 Noobic+ Tyrannos N gld9 x500 gold
Win 1 Humanic Tyrannos N sol7 x70 souls
Win 4 Humanic+ Tyrannos Z trn1 x1 Dragon Tyrant I
Win 1 Demonic Tyrannos N sol9 x90 souls
Win 5 Demonic+ Tyrannos Z trn2 x1 Dragon Tyrant II
Win 1 Satanic Tyrannos N sol9 x90 souls
Win 6 Satanic Tyrannos Z trn3 x1 Dragon Tyrant III
Win Satanic Tyrannos with no death I ksm1 x1 Kosmos

Rewards[ | ]

Abyssal Gem M cmp9