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You can enhance your equipment items in crafting shop. Once you receive a enhance schema, a list of enhanceable equipments will appear along with their materials required in the Hell’s furnace crafting shop.

Enhancement schemas can be obtained from collector shops throughout hell.

Location of Collector shops

- Death King at Death City

- Demon Cult at Purgatory Gate

- Fish Creature in Sunken Palace Dungeon

- Matti Dad at Hallow Patch Dungeon

- Friendly mannequin in White Chapel Dungeon

Enhancement at Hell's Furnace

In the Hell's Furnace in Vault, you will find Enhancement in the third column.

Every time you enhance an item, you will have to select a special ability and choose one equipment you desire to enhance that ability to. The materials required for enhancement will appear at the lower left box. Once you click on enhance, the blacksmith will take your materials according to the ingredients. Also, your received schemas are permanent, and will not be lost at any time period of enhancing.


The number of materials required will be following ‘x’, while the numbers in parenthesis are the number of materials you currently have. Once you have collected all the required ingredients, you will need to consider the success rate.

Success Rate

Each equipment do have a different success rate. Every time you craft, there is a chance of crafting failure. If it fails, all your ingredients required for enhancement will be lost. However, you can always bribe the blacksmith by using mammon gold for guaranteed result and 100% success rate.

Success rate depends on the rarity of each equipment.

- Uncommon : 80% success rate

- Rare : 65% success rate

- Epic : 50% success rate

- Legendary : 35% success rate

- Satanic : 20% success rate