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Envy forest is actually a misunderstood place. It wasn’t supposed to be beautiful, or even a forest. Eons ago, a giant butterfly named Muhqueen happened to took the place over and transform it into what it is today. The late Satan saw that this caused the forest to be even more envious of its own beauty. However, now that late Satan is gone, the demon candidates must claim the envy forest back and by capturing dark spawn eggs to spawn Aragnea and chase Muhqueen away.


Overview[ | ]

  • Type: Arena
  • Mode: Zone Capture
  • Team: 4 vs 4 vs 4
  • Objective: First team to collect 100% dark spawn energy wins.
  • Time 45 min

Main Objective[ | ]

The main objective of this arena is to chase Muhqueen away by summoning Aragnea. To do this, you must capture dark spawn eggs located throughout the Envy Realm. Each dark spawn egg will gradually give your team dark spawn energy. The first team that receives 100% dark spawn energy and summon Aragnea first will win the match and conquer the realm.

Dark Spawn Eggs[ | ]

In the Envy Realm, there are altogether 12 dark spawn eggs, which are separated by the Mystic River into 3 main regions.

Dark spawn eggs can be destroyed by attacking it using KO Damage. More KO will deal more damage to the eggs respectively. Once captured, the dark spawn egg will give you 1 dark spawn energy and form an alliance with your team. It will start attacking any hostile demons that are in its attack range as well. If your captured eggs are destroyed by enemies, you will lose your ownership of dark spawn energy, thus, losing 5% dark energy and your alliance with it. Any other team then can re-capture it and add them to their own score.

Creep List[ | ]

There are various peculiar creatures in the Envy Realm. Different level of creeps give out different amount of experience points and copper.

Creep Type Wurm Flos Thorn Gerubua
LV 7 15 21 34
Exp gained 21 65 42 400

MuhQueen's Flight[ | ]

At some period of time, MuhQueen will fly around the realm to attack random eggs and take them back. MuhQueen's attack will deal AOE damage around that particular egg can can be fatal to demons in the area. So, be careful not to be near any eggs when she starts flying around.

Phantasm Fog Mechanic[ | ]

Muhqueen will also cast a Phantasm Fog to protect the forest. The fog will reset all the captured eggs to its original state of non-ownership. It will also reveal hidden butterflies inside the realm. Each butterfly will give your team one additional dark spawn energy after collected.

Sample Strategies[ | ]

Split and Capture Tactic[ | ]

Splitting your team into small groups may help you in capturing eggs at a faster pace than other teams. You can also get your enemies' attention while your teammates capture more eggs. Since the main objective is to capture the most eggs, staying in one particular area or defensing your eggs might not be a good decision.

Gerubua Hunting[ | ]

Gerubuas near the waterfall can give your team a significant amount of exp and copper. Grouping up to hunt them down would give your team a huge advantage over other teams. Be careful though, it is extremely strong with high HP and stats.

Envy Rewards[ | ]

Upon completing the arena, players will recieve 3 different pride treasures boxes, based on their result.

B env1 B env2 B env3

Envy Equipments[ | ]

Icons Name Rarity Stats Special Elements
W wik24 Wilder Weapon Uncommon VIT+9 TAL+13 +13% chance to inflict 2s silence -
W wik44 Envy Weapon Rare TAL+25 +6% MP regen Water
W wik64 Malice Weapon Legendary STR+10 TAL+30 - Earth
A wik44 Envy Armor Rare STR+5 VIT+5 DEX+5 TAL+25 +7% MP regen +35% Water Water Resist
-30% Thunder Thunder Resist
A wik64 Malice Armor Legendary STR+13 VIT+13 DEX+13 TAL+30 +8% MP regen +35% Earth Earth Resist
-30% Water Water Resist

Envy Anima

Envy Materials[ | ]

Icons Name Description How to obtain
M env1 Clear Wing Ripped wing from Envy fireflies. Commonly used in cosplay wing. Envy Forest
M env2 Blue Leaf Strange plant grown by Muhqueen. Envy Forest
M env3 Bad Clover Four petals clover that bring bad luck to all. Envy Forest
M env4 Wiggling Vine Living vine that used to be part of Flos arm. Envy Forest
M env5 Wurm Shell Strong shell that can change color to its surrounding. Envy Forest
M env6 Golden Tulip Beautiful flower that actually smell like fart. Envy Forest
M env7 Tree Eye Huge rolling eye that comes from Envy Forest. Envy Forest
M env8 Statue Head Huge contraband that can cause a hefty amount of fines. Envy Forest
M env9 Dark Egg Tasty egg that can spawn into giant Aragnea. Envy Forest

Envy Conquest[ | ]

Play Envy X Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Play Envy 3 times N sol3 30 souls
Play Envy 6 times I ksh1 x1
Play Envy 13 times I evo1 x1
Play Envy 23 times S wep3 Weapon Schema XIV x1
Play Envy 33 times N sol5 50 souls
Play Envy 45 times N gld7 200 gold
Play Envy 66 times N sol9 90 souls
Play Envy 99 times T all43 Flow Amulet x1
Play Envy 130 times S wep4 Weapon Schema XIX x1

Win Envy X Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win Envy 1 times T all4 x1
Win Envy 3 times N sol5 50 souls
Win Envy 6 times I evo1 x1
Win Envy 13 times S arm3 Armors Schema XIV x1
Win Envy 23 times N gld5 100 gold
Win Envy 33 times N sol7 70souls
Win Envy 45 times N gld9 500 gold
Win Envy 66 times T all54 Nature Bangle x1
Win Envy 99 times S arm4 Armors Schema XIX x1

Win Envy X Consecutive Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win Envy 2 cons I bls1 x2
Win Envy 3 cons S wep2 Weapon Schema IX x1
Win Envy 4 cons I bls1 x4
Win Envy 5 cons T all1 Power Ring x1
Win Envy 6 cons I bls1 x6
Win Envy 7 cons I ksh2 x2
Win Envy 8 cons I ksh3 x1
Win Envy 9 cons I ksh3 x2

Complete X Envy Quest[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Complete 3 Envy Quests N gld4 50 gold
Complete 6 Envy Quests N sol6 60 souls
Complete 9 Envy Quests Z env1 Envious I x1
Complete 13 Envy Quests N sol9 90souls
Complete 17 Envy Quests Z env2 Envious II x1
Complete 21 Envy Quests T all41 x1
Complete 27 Envy Quests N gld9 500 gold
Complete 33 Envy Quests Z env3 Envious III x1
Complete 39 Envy Quests T all54 Nature Bangle x1