DemonsAreCrazy Wiki

Equip Window[ | ]

Equip Window is where you can equip demons with (Weapon, Armor, Accessory).

Demons Armory

Equip Menu

  • 1st Slot : Weapon
  • 2nd Slot : Armor
  • 3rd Slot : Accessory or Trinket
  • 4th Slot : Accessory or Pet

Note: All equipments have their Rarity and can be equipped according to your Player Rank as follows:

- Rank 2 : Uncommon

- Rank 5: Rare

- Rank 10: Epic

- Rank 15: Legendary

- Rank 20: Satanic

*For instance, Epic Weapons, labeled with purple frame, can only be equipped when you reach rank 10.

Equiping Animas[ | ]

Once you reach Rank 5, you can equip up to four animas in special slots. You can access the anima menu by using the Anima button icon in Armory.

  • Animas cannot be replicated. Only one anima of each type can be used.
  • Equipping Animas will also cost you Silver currency. The cost of equipping Animas depends on the rarity. Be warned that costs of equipping Animas cannot be refunded in any way, so choose to equip them wisely.

Equipping Animas Costs

  • Uncommon : 600 Silver
  • Rare : 1300 Silver
  • Epic : 3000 Silver
  • Legendary : 6000 Silver
  • Satanic : 13000 Silver

Elements Tab[ | ]

Elemental Tab

Each demon has different base values of elemental resistance, which will significantly increase or decrease the damage recieved from that certain element.

List of Elements

  • Normal Normal (or non-elemental)
  • Light Light Element
  • Fire Fire Element
  • Wind Wind Element
  • Water Water Element
  • Earth Earth Element
  • Thunder Thunder Element
  • Ice Ice Element
  • Poison Poison Element
  • Dark Dark Element

Armors do have base elemental resistance as well, which will add to your demon base elemental resistance.

You can check your elemental resistance status at ElementalTab.

Moreover, equipped weapons also do change your normal attack element. Hence, it is important to take note of. Also, you can check your normal attack element at ‘Elements Atr’

Changing Demon Skin Color[ | ]

PaintBucket UI

For those who wish to change your demon’s skin tone, you are gladly welcomed here in hell. Just buy a paint bucket, and splash it on you. And done! There you go! A new skin tone! LOL

Well, to change your skin tone, choose your desired paint bucket color, which can be purchased from the Money shop or Free-To-Play shop at the Vault. Then, use the Paint buttonbutton, choose your Paint bucket and press ‘Confirm’.

Before you confirm, you can make a preview of your demon color for that certain paint so it can help you with your decision.

In Game Tutorial[ | ]