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Weapons and equipment are vital add-ons that boost a demon's strength in the game. Every demon has the ability to equip a weapon, an armor, and two accessories. Additionally, players who are rank 5 or higher can equip four extra Animas which are powerful personalities that enhance the demons even more. Various equipment items not only increase a demon's four stats but also provide unique abilities and element attributes that accumulate effects on the demons.


Equiping Equipments[ | ]

Every demon has four basic equipment slots that can only equip specific type of equipment as follow:

Weapon Slot : For equiping Weapon only. The weapon will also determin's demon basic attack's element.

Armor Slot : For equiping Armor only.

Accessory Slot 1 : For equiping Trinkets or Accessories items.

Accessory Slot 2 : For equiping Trinkets or Pet items.


To change your equipment, you can use the Equip Window. Some items are unique to a specific demon type and cannot be equipped by other types of demons.

Equiping Animas[ | ]


Equipment Stat[ | ]

Equipments can drastically alter how each demon perform, so you should choose equipment wisely according to your play style. For balancing purposes, all equipable gear stats are scaled with the demon's level. Unless stated otherwise, their stats start at zero and gradually rise with the demon's current level as follows:



Mhaou's Example

Level 1 6 13 18 24
Base VIT 39 87 153 200 258
Gluttony Set +2 +14 +30 +41 +55

Please note that various weapon and armor set provide strong affinity for certain stats. For example:

  • Wrath and Fury Gears provide STRength.
  • Gluttony and Giganticas Gears provide VITality.
  • Sloth and Abandon Gears provide DEXterity .
  • Envy and Malice Gears provide TALent.

Some Recommended Equipment Sets[ | ]

DemonsAreCrazy contains a huge array of weapons and armors but here is a simple list of basic weapon/armors set with common element that can helps carry you out in most situation.

  • Rare Arena Sets - provides basic boost for one specific stats as well as one specific elemental damage and protections. Schemas for making these set can be obtained from arena con quest ('play arena 13 times' for weapons, and 'win arena 6 times' for armors.)

A amy41A amy42A amy43A amy44A amy45A amy46A amy47

  • Seasonal Sets - Summer, Rain and Winter sets are good at proving many several elementals protections. They can be obtain from the Event Shops at certain time or from gold shop in Demon Tower.

A amy15A all13A all20A all21

  • Special Event Sets - There are many special sets that are release during each event in the game (such as X'mas set, japanese set, chinese set, thai set.) They provide many useful ability and can be obtained easily from Event Shops.

A all5A all6A all8A all14A all17A all18A all19

Enhancing Equipment[ | ]

There are several ways to enhance different types of equipment. Please check out the Enhancement for further details.

Arena Equipment[ | ]

You can use copper gained inside each arena to buy special equipments from the arena shop. Unlike equipments that are equiped from outside, arena equipments use up one field slot (max five) and add flat stats without level scaling.

Final Stat = Base Stat + Arena Equipments

Most arena equipments can be compound into higher-level ones, which help reduce cost and often contain very powerful abilities.