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The event shop is a small store owned by Cthulette. She has rare items in exchange with event items that drop from event monsters residing in the purgatory plains. Event Shops will update items every 3 weeks, so make sure you trade all your event items before the event ends!

Event Shop front

Main Event Shop Items
Item Icon Quantity
Hunter Pass I htp1 x1
Devil Pass I dvp1 x1
Bael Seal I bal1 x3
Blood Stone I bls1 x4
Evil Orb I evo1 x6
Green Gasha Coin I ksh1 x13
Yellow Gasha Coin I ksh2 x33
Iron Ore M ore1 x5
Silver Ore M ore2 x13
Gold Ore M ore3 x30
Platinum Ore M ore4 x66
Jinns x20

**And other Collectable Event Items that will be up for limited amount of time


Event Items[ | ]

Hallow Bucket