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Focus Intellect is one of Fay's native abilities. It describe his charging ability.

Basic Summary[ | ]

Image Type Description
MpCharge Native Enable Fay to charge and gather her MP back over time.

Description[ | ]

This ability is activated by holding up left-click (for the moment). You can charge for 8 second, and this will give you mana. On each tick, you'll gain 2% of your Max Mana (rounded). You'll have time to have 9 ticks. So each time you'll fully use this, you'll recover 18% of your Max Mana (approximative since the 2% is rounded). This ability use a little amount of stamina.

Visual[ | ]

Bugs[ | ]

Cannot be sure if we can call this a bug, but if you do escape while charging, and showing menu, the user will continue charging until the end, even if you don't hold your left click. This can be useful if you don't want to hold too longer.