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Overview[ | ]

Enter the Forgotten Spawn Chamber and fight through 13 waves of random creeps to earn significant amount of exp! Survive to the very last wave to earn extra exp!

  • Type: Campaign
  • Team: Single Player
  • Objective: Defeat all the 13 waves of random monsters for exp.

Map[ | ]


Game Play[ | ]

  • There are 13 waves of random monsters. Get to the very last wave to earn highest exp possible.
  • There is a time limit of 10 mins. Once time is up, you will receive exp according to your lastest wave completed.
  • Exp will be added to your demon after mission is complete/failed.
  • Higher difficulties give higher amount of exp.

Conquest[ | ]

Quest Reward
Win 1 Noobic Forgotten Hall I bls1x3 Blood Stone
Win 3 Noobic Forgotten Hall T all12x1 Bone Charm
Win 5 Humanic Forgotten Hall I bls1x6 Blood Stone
Win 7 Humanic Forgotten Hall I bls1x9 Blood Stone
Win 9 Demonic Forgotten Hall I bls1x13 Blood Stone
Win 11 Demonic Forgotten Hall I bls1x21 Blood Stone
Win 13 Satanic Forgotten Hall I bls1x24 Blood Stone
Win 15 Satanic Forgotten Hall I bls1x30 Blood Stone
Win 17 Satanic Forgotten Hall I ksm1Kosmos x1