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Overview[ | ]

  • Type: Campaign
  • Team: 5 Players
  • Objective: Defeat the Tetra Mantras.
  • Difficulty All
  • Time 30 min

Introduction[ | ]

FourMantras is a Trail Boss campaign. Late Satan's war golems are running wild. Defeat the Tetra Satanic Golems across the desert sand and prove your worth of the Satanic Throne.

Basics[ | ]

- The Tertra Mantras have 100 elemental resistance of each type : Fire, Earth, Water and Wind

- Use skills of their opposite element as they will be weak of: Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth respectively.

- Skills with no element or resistant of will deal 1 damage to the mantras.

- Once one mantra is left, it can shift its main element to the 3 other elements as well.

Stage Reward[ | ]

Difficulty Noobic Humanic Demonic Satanic
Reward EXP
Reward Copper

Boss Details[ | ]

Elemental Resistance
100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Other Immunity

Abilities[ | ]

Conquest[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win 1 Noobic Four Mantras N sol5x50 souls
Win 3 Noobic+ Four Mantras N gld9x500 gold
Win 1 Humanic Four Mantras N sol7x70 souls
Win 4 Humanic+ Four Mantras Z tet1x1 Tetra Elements I
Win 1 Demonic Four Mantras N sol9x90 souls
Win 5 Demonic+ Four Mantras Z tet2x1 Tetra Elements II
Win 1 Satanic Four Mantras N sol9x90 souls
Win 6 Satanic Four Mantras Z tet3 x1 Tetra Elements III
Win Satanic Four Mantras with no death K ksm1x1 Kosmos

Rewards[ | ]

Tetra OrbM cmp8