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Galactic Stom is one of Fay's spells. Alternate of Singular Rift & Gravity Shift. Fifth Column Spell, Third Row Spell.

Basic Summary[ | ]

Image Type Description
GalacticStorm Active Channel (20mp/s) meteor shower onto target area, dealing TAL(50~75) mag.dmg/sec.

Description[ | ]

This spell will make a rain of billions of projectiles with high frequency ticks of damages, and so very high damage dealt if enemies take the full duration.

Too for the moment the description can make you think the spell could be infinite till you have mana but no, for the moment it's just one cast, but the user will not be able to move. If you move, the spell will be interrupt immediately. So we can consider this spell incomplete for the moment. But his power is non-negligeable.

This spell has 111 seconds cooldown.

Visual[ | ]

Levels[ | ]

Level Damages per seconds Stamina Cost Mana Cost
1 98
2 106 11 110
3 114 12 120
4 13 130
5 14 140