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GameStatus is the status(Buff/Debuff) that affects the character. Players can quickly see what status that each character inflicted by the icon shown near that character's HP bar. The different statuses caused the different results. Some status with opposite effect (such as STR Up and STR Down) will cancle the old one out, leaving only the new one in place.

Buff and Debuff Type[ | ]

There are 4 main Types of Buff/Debuff in the game.

  • Crowd Control - Another Buff/Debuff that causes the character to inflict some status (ex. Stun/Silence/Disarm/Cripple...)

All in-game Status[ | ]

Icons Name Description
Hide Hide Hide target
Invincible Invincible Prevent target from receiving any Damage , EffectDamage , Force
NoDamage NoDamage Disable target from receiving any damage
NoEffectDamage NoEffectDamage Disable target from receiving any effect damage
File:NoForce.png NoForce Disable target from receiving any force
File:NoMiss.png NoMiss ???
Protect Protect Prevent target from receiving physical damage
Deflect Deflect Reflect physical damage from target
Repel Repel Prevent target from receiving magical damage
Reflect Reflect Reflect magical damage from target
Blend Blend Blend target, Hide Target from enemies' Vision and Minimap, Disabled after normal attack, skill or emote use
Invisible Invisible Blend target, Hide Target from enemies' Vision and Minimap
Scan Scan Scan Target's Status and Elemental Stats
Detect Detect Erase Target Blend and Invisibility Status and enable target to be seen in enemies' vision
TrueSight TrueSight Enable Target to visualize all invisible enemies
TrueVision TrueVision Enable Target to locate all invisible enemies on the MiniMap
Nullify Nullify Prevent target from receiving any buff and debuff
Erase Erase Removes all physical buff and debuff from target
Dispel Dispel Removes all magical buff and debuff from target
NoBuff NoBuff Prevent target from receiving any buff
NoDebuff NoDebuff Prevent target from receiving any debuff
Stun Stun Stun target
Paralyze Paralyze Disable target movement
Petrify Petrify Turn target into Stone , Disable target from receiving Physical and Magical damage but still receive Effect dmg
PhyUp PhyUp Increase Target's Physical damage
PhyDown PhyDown Decrease Target's Physical damage
MagUp MagUp Increase Magical damage
MagDown MagDown Decrease Magical damage
DefUp DefUp Increase Defense
DefDown DefDown Decrease Defense
SpeedUp SpeedUp Increase Speed
SpeedDown SpeedDown Decrease Speed
StrUp StrUp Increase Strength
StrDown StrDown Decrease Strength
VitUp VitUp Increase Vitality
VitDown VitDown Decrease Vitality
DexUp DexUp Increase Dexterity
DexDown DexDown Decrease Dexterity
TalUp TalUp Increase Talent
TalDown TalDown Decrease Talent
LightUp LightUp Increase Light Elemental Defense
FireUp FireUp Increase Fire Elemental Defense
WaterUp WaterUp Increase Water Elemental Defense
WindUp WindUp Increase Wind Elemental Defense
EarthUp EarthUp Increase Earth Elemental Defense
IceUp IceUp Increase Ice Elemental Defense
ThunderUp ThunderUp Increase Thunder Elemental Defense
PoisonUp PoisonUp Increase Poison Elemental Defense
DarkUp DarkUp Increase Dark Elemental Defense
RainbowUp RainbowUp Increase Rainbow Elemental Defense
LightDown LightDown Decrease Light Elemental Defense
FireDown FireDown Decrease Fire Elemental Defense
WaterDown WaterDown Decrease Water Elemental Defense
WindDown WindDown Decrease Wind Elemental Defense
EarthDown EarthDown Decrease Earth Elemental Defense
IceDown IceDown Decrease Ice Elemental Defense
ThunderDown ThunderDown Decrease Thunder Elemental Defense
PoisonDown PoisonDown Decrease Poison Elemental Defense
DarkDown DarkDown Decrease Dark Elemental Defense
RainbowDown RainbowDown Decrease Rainbow Elemental Defense
LightImbue LightImbue Increase Light Elemental Damage
FireImbue FireImbue Increase Fire Elemental Damage
WaterImbue WaterImbue Increase Water Elemental Damage
WindImbue WindImbue Increase Wind Elemental Damage
EarthImbue EarthImbue Increase Earth Elemental Damage
IceImbue IceImbue Increase Ice Elemental Damage
ThunderImbue ThunderImbue Increase Thunder Elemental Damage
PoisonImbue PoisonImbue Increase Poison Elemental Damage
DarkImbue DarkImbue Increase Dark Elemental Damage
File:CriticalPlus.png CriticalPlus Increase Critical Damage
CriticalUp CriticalUp Increase Critical chance
CriticalDown CriticalDown Decrease Critical chance
EffUp EffectUp Increase Effect Damage
EffDown EffectDown Decrease Effect Damage
EvasionUp EvasionUp Increase Evasion chance
EvasionDown EvasionDown Decrease Evasion chance
Regen Regen Recover HP every second for 30 s
File:Refill.png Refill Restore MP every second for 30 s
Refresh Refresh Recover SP every second for 30 s
Lock Lock Disable target movement
Cripple Cripple Disable Sprint usage
DevouringEngine DevouringEngine Increase run speed by LVL(20~30)% and gives normal attack a 100% hp drain
MurderousMachine MurderousMachine Increase run speed by LVL(30~50)% and change normal attacks to effect damage
NetherBane NetherBane Dealing TAL(23~33) [dark] e.dmg every 1.5 sec
Corruption Corruption Dealing TAL(40~60) [dark] e.dmg every time it attacks over 13 sec
LifeDrain LifeDrain Slowly drains target's HP by 4x TAL(30~45) [dark] dmg
FatalDespair FatalDespair Reduce all target's status by 25% (Max TAL(23~33))
Pervert Pervert Causing MP and SP to reduce and prevent their regeneration while moving.
BadRomance BadRomance Make target share LVL(66~100)% of User's received damages
LoveBind LoveBind Reduce target speed with LVL(35~50)% reverse distance from User
MassCurse MassCurse Enable curses to be inflicted upon LVL(3~5) additonal targets
HeartBreaker HeartBreaker Remove all status from target and inflict TAL(66~99) [light] e.dmg per status
Doom Doom Deals TAL(300~450) [dark] e.dmg afterward
Burn Burn Deals gradual Effect Damage every few seconds
DrunkenFire DrunkenFire Adds 15% dmg to normal attack when a skill is used. (Stack up to 100%.)
FlameArmor FlameArmor Increase 24% def, LVL(33~50)% fire resist and 50% to deals TAL(20~30) to phy.attacker
Ignite Ignite Decrease -100% fire resist and deal TAL(200~300) [fire] m.dmg afterward in the 10m area
Agni Agni Increase STR and TAL by (66~100)% of Base TAL and refill HP afterward
MagicBarrier MagicBarrier Gives a TAL(100~150) barrier, TAL(30~45) MP and LVL(33~50)% [water] protection
ElementalGuard ElementalGuard Give (15~23)% [rainbow] protection and resist to element reduction
MultiCast MultiCast Enable next spell to be cast twice in a roll
Blind Blind Decrease target’s accuracy, increase normal attack chance of missing
Bleed Bleed Deals effect damage over time
Stalker Stalker Reveals target on the map for LVL(120~180)s or until its death
Terror Terror Reduces surrounding enemies' phy.dmg and mag.dmg by LVL(40~60)%
RedShift RedShift Give n.attack 100% crit rate, 10% MP return and (66~100)% phy and mag evasion (walk only.)
MidnightMurder MidnightMurder Tag and warp both target and User to a special dark dimension
Joker Joker ???
Gambit Gambit Deal normal attack as LVL(100~133)% critical aoe effect damage or no damage
CheatFate CheatFate Turn User into a dark shadow, giving boost speed and LVL(30~50)% speed boost and evasion
SwitchClown SwitchClown Swaping User and target's location
UpsideDown UpsideDown Trade User's current HP ratio with target (LVL(200~300)% Max
HolySword HolySword Add TAL(10~15) dmg to target's [light] phy.attack and change its n.attack to [light]
HolyShield HolyShield Give a temporary shield that block LVL(33~50)% damages from all physical dmg
LifeGuard LifeGuard Prevent dmg from exceeding LVL(15~10)% MHP
HeavenSmash HeavenSmash Target is smashed to heaven, and disabled for 3 s
DivineProtection DivineProtection Gives ally demons in 20m a LVL(10~15)% dmg reduction and LVL(150-200)% MP Regen
ChimeraEmbrace ChimeraEmbrace Heals all demon allies by LVL(40~60)% of their MHP and give them +LVL(50~75) all stats
ImmortalSoul ImmortalSoul Enable User to block all physical damage
ExecutionDecree ExecutionDecree Increase User's STR by LVL(100~150)% but disable all other active skill
MindScan MindScan Mim is currently scanning the area
Silence Silence Disable target's active skill
PsychicPulse PsychicPulse Change n.attack to 6 homing missiles with STR(0.5~0.6) + TAL(20~30) [thunder] m.dmg
PsychoBomb PsychoBomb Change n.attack to 10 bombing projectiles with STR(0.4~0.5) + TAL(20~30) [water] m.dmg
PsychicCharges PsychicCharges Creates a circling barrier, dealing TAL(25~40) [thunder] m.dmg every hit
PsychicBarrier PsychicBarrier Gives User and all demon allies barrier that absorb TAL(200~300) dmg
Charm Charm Change enemy target to User's team
DistortReality DistortReality Shift User's target position to the left and reduce m.dmg by LVL(20~30)% (use 8 mp/s.)
Illuminate Illuminate Gradually return LVL(50~75)% of MHP, MMP and MSP
UnholyStrength UnholyStrength Enlarge target ally and add STR and VIT by User's level + LVL(13~23) (double for summon)
RoyalTomb RoyalTomb Absorb all damage from near allies
Entomb Entomb Trap target in time, rendering it immobilized and immune to all dmg
Resurrection Resurrection Auto-revive and return 40~60% HP to target
LashOfTyrant LashOfTyrant Lash target in place while dealing TAL(33~50) [fire] e.dmg over (4~6) sec.
VitalityBond VitalityBond Transfer LVL(40~60)% of ally's dmg to User with LVL(40~60)% reduction
DrunkenFeast DrunkenFeast Heal LVL(100~150) HP, LVL(10~15) MP every 3s to self and 50% to surrounding allies
Devour Devour Remove target ally or enemy for LVL(8~13)sec and temporary adds its HP to User.
Ice Ice Freeze Target and Slows it down
SnowPath SnowPath Slow target down when stepped on the snow trail
Blizzard Blizzard Slow all demon enemies in area and deals TAL(80~120) [ice] effect dmg
TitanForm TitanForm Increase User size by 140% and add LVL(100~150) to STR and VIT
Disarm Disarm Disable n.Attack
Poison Poison Dealing effect damage over time, stackable with repeated hit
Entangle Entangle Binds target and deals TAL(20~30) [poison] e.dmg
LifeStream LifeStream Change n.attack effect to heal nearby allies for HLG(130~200) HP
Clear Clear Removes all physical and magical status from a target
Cleanse Cleanse Removes all negative status from a target
Venom Venom Deals TAL(200~300) [poison] e.dmg
Burrow Burrow Burrow User and User's plants, prevents dmg and heals HLG(400~600) and some MP (Move to cancel)
ChainLock ChainLock Hook target from escaping
GrappleHook GrappleHook Pulls target with weight less than User towerd him or vice versa
ForceBarrier ForceBarrier Shields out all incoming projectiles
Frost Frost Frost target in place
IceGuard IceGuard Give target an ice shield that absorb TAL(200~300) dmg
FrostArmor FrostArmor Give target 23% def, LVL(33~50)% ice resist and 15% to freeze phy.attacker
MirrorImages MirrorImages Create two mirage of Verin that clone all his physical attack with LVL(60~100)% dmg
NorthernGale NorthernGale Enable Verin to strike distance target with his quick attack
Insight Insight Increases normal attack damage by 10% with every successive hit
Cut Cut Remove target's shield
DelayCut DelayCut Evade and counter next phy.attack, returning LVL(100~150)% + TAL(40~60) [water] e.dmg
Iai Iai Block all incoming projectiles
LastStance LastStance Deals LVL(25~35)% of User's MHP to self and all enemies demons in the 20m area
PerfectSlash PerfectSlash Change c.attack to charging action, adding xLVL(1~1.5)/s (max xLVL(10~15)) and releasing it with next n.attack
ExplosiveKit ExplosiveKit Plant an explosive on a target dealing TAL(80~120) to all but not target afterward
Shotgun Shotgun Change normal attack to shotgun for LVL(5~10) times, dealing wide area of damage
OverClock OverClock Increases normal attack fire rate by (200~300)%
VivaLaCactas VivaLaCactas Summon an army of cactus, dealing 30x TAL(30~45) [fire] dmg to random enemies
Dash Dash Increase target's moving equal dashing
MoonPhaseStat MoonPhase Gives User LVL(75~100)% chance to evade magical and effect damage
DarkPhaseStat DarkPhase Makes n.attack deals LVL(100~150)% [dark] e.dmg equal to target's missing MP. (Max dmg equal to User's MP).
Vajrayana Vajrayana Reduce User's MP instead of HP and regen LVL(5~10)% MP per sec
ManaDrain ManaDrain Slowly drain TAL(6~13) MP with [dark] mag.dmg
Death Death Instantly Kills target after the countdown time is over
Slow Slow Slow target run speed by (40-60)% for 6 s
Freeze Freeze Temporary Stop Target
Replenish Replenish Recover MP every second for 30s
Torment Torment Burn target with [860 + 39 x Lv.]
Renew Renew Gradually recover HP and MP
SatanicAvatar SatanicAvatar Turns target into SatanicAvatar, adding 230 all stats to target
HpNectar HpNectar Recover HP every over 6 sec. Disable once hit
MpNectar MpNectar Recover MP every over 6 sec. Disable once hit
File:SpNectar.png SpNectar Recover SP every over 6 sec. Disable once hit
File:ThornCage.png ThornCage Target is locked in Titania's Cage, unlocked after attacked by enemy
AngelKiller AngelKiller Adds x% damage to angel race.
AquanKiller AquaticKiller Adds x% damage to aquatic race.
BeastKiller BeastKiller Adds x% damage to beast race.
DemonKillerStatus DemonKiller Adds x% damage to Demon race.
SpiritKiller DevilsKiller Adds x% damage to Devils race.
DragonKiller DragonsKiller Adds x% damage to Dragons race.
ElementalKiller ElementalsKiller Adds x% damage to Elementals race.
HorrorKiller HorrorsKiller Adds x% damage to Horrors race.
HumanKiller HumanoidsKiller Adds x% damage to Humanoids race.
InsectKiller InsectsKiller Adds x% damage to Insects race.
PlantKiller PlantsKiller Adds x% damage to Plants race.
MachineKiller MachinesKiller Adds x% damage to Machines race.
UndeadKiller UndeadsKiller Adds x% damage to Undeads race.
Wet reduce speed with stacking effect.