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Basic Movement[ | ]

You can move your character around by pressing standard WASD on your keryboard or push your controller’s ruddle. While doing so, if you hold shift the character will enter into sprint mode. Please note that Sprinting will drain your character's Stamina. When Stamina is depleted, your character will get ‘exhausted’ status, and be forced to walk until the Stamina is replenished. You can also hold ctrl button to force your character to walk anytime. Turn camera with mouse movement to control your heading.


Basic Attack[ | ]

Press left mouse or controler’s right shoulder repeatedly to perform combo attack. Hold and release attack button to perform charge move. Some hack-and-slash demons will shoot projectiles out with normal attack which will fly toward your cursor location. For MMO demons, the target will be your mouse cursor ground’s location. For FPS demons, your target will always be at the center of the screen.


Target and Lock-on[ | ]

Once your cursor is over a target, you can lock it down by pressing middle mouse or push right analog down. After that all your attack will fly toward it. To release locked target, simply press the same button again. You can also cycle locked target between allies by pressing tab or left analog button.


Using Skills[ | ]

Once you reach level 3, your first skill will become available (5, 7.. and so on for next ones.) To activate skills, press 1-6 number buttons or controller’s face buttons of coresponding skills. There’s 3 types of skills as listed below.


  • Instant Target - immediately perform skill toward current target location.
  • Single Target - required a single lock-on target to activate.
  • Area Target - requred a target area confirmation to activate.

Seventh Satanic Skills (SSS)[ | ]

SSS are demon’s last row skills (4th for non-gold class demons, 3rd for gold class demons). They can be used after SSS’s skill bar has been activated by pressing the “7” or “R” key.

Unlike normal skills, SSS usage will require souls (3,5,7,9,12,15 accordingly), which can be acquired through killing other demons, collecting wandering souls, or using soul pots (consumables).

Over Soul Commands[ | ]

There's a special blue gauge surrounding your character avartar call "Over Soul". You can fill this gauge by killing other Demons and spend them on six different Over-Soul commands (open menu by holding down middle mouse for 1 seconds) as follow:


Icon Command Name Soul Used Effect
WarSummon War Summon 11 Warp yourself to the farthest ally demon.
CallBack Call back 22 Warp back to the original spawn point.
RenewCommand Renew 33 Gradually recover all HP and MP over 30 sec.
TormentCommand Torment 44 Burn target enemy demon with 860 + 39*lv over 13 sec.
FilthyRich Filthy Rich 55 Instantly add 1300 gold coins to self.
SatanicAvatarCommand Satanic Avatar 66 Turn one self into satanic form, adding all stats for 60 sec.

In Game Buttons[ | ]

Command Keyboard Controller
Movement: WASD Left Analog
Rotate Camera: Mouse Movememt Right Analog
Run: Hold-Shift Hold L-Shoulder-1
Walk: Hold-Ctrl Hold L-Shoulder-2
Jump: Space Bar Bottom Face Button
Normal Attack: Left Mouse R-Shoulder-1
Charged Attack: Hold Left Mouse Hold R-Shoulder-1
Skill Attack: Num 1-6 Top Three Face Buttons
Special Command: Hold Middle Mouse Long Right Analog Push
Target Lock: Middle Mouse Right Analog Push
Cycle Ally: Tab -
Item Menu: Up Arrow D-Pad Up
Emoticon Menu: Left Arrow D-Pad Left
Emotion Menu: Right Arrow D-Pad Righ
Signal Menu: Down Arrow D-Pad Down
Chat Box: Enter Select

In Game Tutorial[ | ]