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Giant Growth is a Stat Anima. This anima will give you bonus stat in VIT if you're above a certain level. Since it's an Anima, it will cost a certain amount of Silver Coins to equip.

Icon Level Rarity Vitality Bonus Level Need Cost To Equip (In Silver Coins) Source/Verified (column to remove once completed)
X lvv1 I Uncommon 20 6 In-game stat, maybe more accurate than AnimaX Page
X lvv2 II Rare 25 13 1300 In-game stat, probably more accurate since the wiki page AnimaX said the Level Needed is 12 and not 13.
X lvv3 III Epic 30 18 AnimaX Page
X lvv4 IV Legendary 35 24 AnimaX Page
X lvv5 V Satanic 40 30 AnimaX Page