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The manifestation of the first deadly sin, Gluttony Park is where those who can’t control their hungers spend eternity scavenging for left-over scraps. All attractions were designed to lure spirits into extreme torment in exchange for food.


Tutorial VDO:


Overview[ | ]


Gluttony is a 4v4 Food Hunt Arena. To win, you must make food offerings to Gluttony Worm by hunting down any creep in the arena to to fill gluttony cup with their meat. First team to fill gluttony cup to 200% first will win the match. Each type of creep will give out different % of meat to fill up the cup as listed below.

  • Type: Arena
  • Mode: Food Hunt
  • Team: 4 vs 4
  • Objective: First team to fill 200% of gluttony cup win.
  • Time 30 min

Creeps List[ | ]

Doov Chaz Aldente Confisor Boulangor Tirosh
Gluttony Doov Gluttony Chaz Gluttony Aldente Gluttony Confisor Gluttony Boulangor Gluttony Tirosh
+1% +2% +4% +25% +25% +40%

Sub-Missions[ | ]


Gluttony Worm will often make special requests as submissions that give you extra % meat bonus. Beware that your opponent will also receive the same submission as your team. Only one team who complete the condition first get the score. The sub-mission list is as follows:

  • Harvesth 1 Blood Berry : Adds 13% score
  • Collecth 13 Doovs Meat : Adds 13% score
  • Collecth 4 Aldente Meat : Adds 13% score
  • Collecth 7 Chaz Meat : Adds 18% score
  • Findth Meh 1 Red Doov: Adds 23% score
  • Collecth 1 Tirosh Meat : Adds 30% score
  • Hunth 1 Demon Meat : Adds 30%
  • Hunth 3 Demon Meat : Adds 90% score

Using Gluttony Cup[ | ]


You can shake the opponent's gluttony cup to reduce their meat score by 10% of the current score. Please beware that both teams do this. So don't forget to defend your own cup against enemies' exploit too. It also take 6 seconds charging time to successfully shake the cup, which will make you unble to move or take other action.

Devil Chef[ | ]

Devil Chef is an extremely powerful creature created by the fusion of gluttonous souls. Devil Chef will spawn specifically when the percentage score of the two teams combined is over 300% after 5 minutes. Mostly, demons do not dare to face it, but anyone that have the guts to take it down will obtain a rare material, heart of gluttony.

Devil Chef[ | ]


The true chef of Hell's Kitchen, born from the fusion of millions of hungry sinner souls in the Gluttony Realm.

Basic Stats[ | ]

40,000 400 200 100
230 666 130 300
Elemental Resistance
Normal - Light -25 Fire - Wind - Water 40
Earth -40 Thunder - Ice - Poison - Dark 25
  • Immune to charm, death status.}}

Sample Strategies[ | ]

Divide and Conquer[ | ]

While killing opponent demons helps, it is often not the best strategy since the objective of this stage is to hunt as many creeps and fill gluttony cup to 200%. A team with efficient creep-farming demons can often gain more score quickly by separately hunting small creeps and finishing quests while avoiding demon combat.

Zone Control[ | ]

Middle zone is the prime spot for hunting creeps and defending the gluttony cup. The team that can control this area has a high chance of gaining victory over time. Towards the end game, if players gain huge upper hand over the opponent team, they can also can go and shut down other team right in front of their base, preventing them from leaving the base. This almost always lead to a guaranteed victory.

Big Creep Hunt[ | ]

There are harder beasts that give out big scores. Killing these beasts, can easily push the score over the 200% threshold and win the game for you. However, they require demons with higher level to be able to take them down. Team gearing toward this strategy will need to kill as many opponents demon as possible for level early in the game, and farm some mid-level creeps in the stages for more exp.

Gluttony Rewards[ | ]

Upon completing the arena, players will recieve 3 different pride treasures boxes, based on their result.

B glt1 B glt2 B glt3

Gluttony Equipments[ | ]

Icons Name Rarity Stats Special Elements
W wik21 Rotten Weapon Uncommon STR+9 VIT+13 +6% HP regen -
W wik41 Gluttony Weapon Rare VIT+25 +15% Healing Earth
W wik61 Gigantas Weapon Legendary VIT+30 TAL+10 - Poison
A wik41 Gluttony Armor Rare STR+5 VIT+25 DEX+5 TAL+5 +7% HP regen +35%Earth Earth Resist
-30% Poison Poison Resist
A wik61 Gigantas Armor Legendary STR+13 VIT+30 DEX+13 TAL+13 +8% HP regen +35% Poison Poison Resist
-30% Ice Ice Resist

Gluttony Anima

Gluttony Materials[ | ]

Icons Name Description How to obtain
M glt1 Wooden Stalk Common stick that you can get from any of the hell's plant Gluttony Park
M glt2 Decayed Tooth Tiny tooth from an identified owner. Used primary as a construction material Gluttony Park
M glt3 Rotten Meat Rancid meat that is perfect for crafting anything with smelly intent Gluttony Park
M glt4 Green Goo Saliva commonly found from gluttony realm. Very sticky and is often used as glue Gluttony Park
M glt5 Used Ticket Circus ticket that has already been stamped as invalid. Gluttony Park
M glt6 Smelly Muffin Yucky muffin that is full with maggots. Favarite snacks among Demions. Gluttony Park
M glt7 Eater's Horn Strong horn broken from the back of Gluttony Worm. Gluttony Park
M glt8 Wiggly Tongue Cut-off tongue that try to wiggle its way back to its owner. Gluttony Park
M glt9 White Larva Tiny offspring of Gluttony Worm. Contains powerful magic. Gluttony Park

Gluttony Conquest[ | ]

Play Gluttony X Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Play Gluttony 3 times N sol3 30 souls
Play Gluttony 6 times I ksh1 x1
Play Gluttony 13times I evo1 x1
Play Gluttony 23 times S wep3 Weapon Schema XI x1
Play Gluttony 33 times N gld5 100 gold
Play Gluttony 45 times N sol7 70 souls
Play Gluttony 66 times N gld9 500 gold
Play Gluttony 99 times T all45 Defence Bangle x1
Play Gluttony 130 times S wep4 Weapon Schema XVI x1

Win Gluttony X Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win Gluttony 1 times T all2 Fortitute Ring x1
Win Gluttony 3 times N sol5 50 souls
Win Gluttony 6 times I evo1 x1
Win Gluttony 13 times S arm3 Armors Schema XI x1
Win Gluttony 23 times N sol5 70 souls
Win Gluttony 33 times N gld7 200 golds
Win Gluttony 45 times N sol9 90 souls
Win Gluttony 66 times T all52 Defence Bangle x1
Win Gluttony 99 times S arm4 Armors Schema XVI x1

Win Gluttony X Consecutive Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win Gluttony 2 cons I bls1 x2
Win Gluttony 3 cons S wep2 Weapon Schema VI x1
Win Gluttony 4 cons I bls1 x4
Win Gluttony 5 cons I ksh2 x1
Win Gluttony 6 cons I bls1 x6
Win Gluttony 7 cons I ksh2 x2
Win Gluttony 8 cons I ksh3 x1
Win Gluttony 9 cons I ksh3 x2

Complete X Gluttony Quest[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Complete 3 Gluttony Quests N gld4 50 golds
Complete 6 Gluttony Quests N sol6 60 souls
Complete 9 Gluttony Quests Z glt1 Hunger I x1
Complete 13 Gluttony Quests N sol9 90 souls
Complete 17 Gluttony Quests Z glt2 Hunger II x1
Complete 21 Gluttony Quests T all48 x1
Complete 27 Gluttony Quests N gld9 500 golds
Complete 33 Gluttony Quests Z glt3 Hunger III x1
Complete 39 Gluttony Quests T all54 Nature Bangle x1

In Game Tutorial[ | ]