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Hallow Bucket is a candy bucket from the Halloween Event. You can throw it into the Flame Altar for random spooky rewards. This item can be traded with Chulette at the event shop in exchange for 33 Hallow Cookies.

I hwb1.png

Rewards Chance[]

Item Chance
C fsk3.png Invisible Flask 6%
N gld3.png 30 Mammon Gold 4%
N gld2.png 20 Mammon Gold 10%
N slv7.png 750 Copper 10%
Y crt2.png Gambler II 10%
Y evd2.png Evader II 5%
Y spd2.png Runner II 10%
Y acr2.png Shooter II 5%
W wik38.png Lich Weapons 15%
A wik35.png Hallow Armors 8%
W wik39.png Blood Weapons 7%
W anb56.png Halloween Weapons 7%
T trk5.png King P.Balloon 3%