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191031 HallowPatch

Overview[ | ]

Welcome to Hallow Patch, where every day is Halloween. Sadly, some trouble is brewing as a rogue wraith has taken over its mayor's mansion. Travel through the Dungeon Gate and help get rid of this ghost!

  • Type : Dungeon
  • Team : 3 players
  • Stages : 6 Maps

Maps[ | ]

Boss Details[ | ]

Hallow Wraith[ | ]

Tormented ghost who took over Matti Dad's mansion.


Overview[ | ]

  • Race: Devils
  • Level: 117
  • EXP: 234
  • Copper: 500

Basic Stats[ | ]

27,000 1000 130 100
200 250 150 400
Elemental Resistance
Normal - Light -50 Fire - Wind - Water -
Earth - Thunder - Ice - Poison - Dark -
  • +33% evade all physical attack.
  • Cannot be knocked down.
  • Immune to charm and death status.

Gameplay[ | ]

  • Hallow Wraith will cast doom to those who goes up to the second floor. (Humanic+ difficulty.)
  • Under 60% MHP, Hallow Wraith will start using Spirit Claw will drain massive HP back to itself. Either stay away from its attack or stop it as soon as possible.
  • Under 60% MHP, Hallow Wraith use hundred hands, which will damage all enemies. Try to find a way to survive this.

Abilities[ | ]

  • Normal Attack - Deals 2x STR(1) dmg to frontal target.
  • Spirit Slap - Deals 3x STR(1) dmg to wide frontal target.
  • Dispel Burst - Inflicts dispel on all enemies in 50m radius and deal 3x TAL(100) eff.dmg to summons.
  • Spirit Fire - Blows out a stream of ice, dealing 10x TAL(23) Ice ice mag.dmg.
  • Doom Curse - Cast doom status on target, dealing TAL(130) Dark dark eff.dmg after 23s.
  • Spirit Claw - (60% HP, Humanic+ difficulty.) Drian TAL(33) WaterDark water/dark mag.dmg as HP based on distance.
  • Hundred Hands - (40% HP, Humanic+ difficulty.) Call out ghost hands that deal 10x STR(0.6) Dark dark dmg to all enemies.

Creeps List[ | ]

Hallow Baby

Hallow Ghost

Hallow Shade

Collector Shop[ | ]

Hallow Patch Conquest[ | ]

Hallow Patch Conquest[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Complete 1 Noobic Hallow Patch S arm3x1 Hollow Armor Schema
Complete 3 Noobic+ Hallow Patch N sol6x60 souls
Complete 1 Humanic Hallow Patch Z hlp1 x1 Waning Moon I
Complete 4 Humanic+ Hallow Patch N sol7 x70 souls
Complete 1 Demonic Hallow Patch Z hlp2 x1 Waning Moon II
Complete 5 Demonic+ Hallow Patch N sol8 x80 souls
Complete 1 Satanic Hallow Patch Z hlp3 x1 Waning Moon III
Complete 6 Satanic Hallow Patch N sol9 x90 souls
Win Satanic Hallow Patch with no death I ksm1 x1 Kosmos