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Overview[ | ]

  • Type: Open Arena
  • Mode: Push Tower and Destroy Enemies' Base
  • Team: 10 vs 10
  • Objective: Gain highest score as possible.
  • Time 60 min

Main Objective[ | ]

There are two teams in Halloween War : Team Ghost and Team Pumpkin. The main goal is to help your team defeat the opposing team by gaining higher scores. Teams can collect points from killing monsters and players, as well as destroying the opponent's base. Players will receive points and rewards equal to your team score that were added during your play.

Arena Basics[ | ]

- This open arena is composed of two lanes: left and right. Each side has a total of 7 Hallow Candles.

- Hallow Candles act as bases on both sides, through which they summon monsters of its own team continuously.

- Hallow Candles also reduce nearly opponents hp and heals nearly team members.

- The more the hallow candles destroyed, more monsters of higher lvl and power will be summoned.

- Killing enemy player earns 20% of that player's current score.

- Players must have to "Last Shot" monsters or players in order to obtain score. You will not gain score with assist.

- Points earned by killing monsters are based on that monster's level times 2 and round up to the tens place.

- You will not gain points from killing monsters at your own base, but will help you to gain exp and level up.

- Number of event items earned will be based on the your final score divided by 100 and round up. (Max 23)

- You will automatically join the team with the lesser play count.

- You can check your score at the PVP ranking board at the Throne room.

Tips[ | ]

Start by killing monsters on your side to have your base levels and skills. Then group up with allies to kill monsters in the opponent's lane. Be careful when attacking enemies' base as it will also gradually burn down your hp with effect damage.