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Helympic Box(Helympic Medal) is a reward from Helympic Open Arena.(access via Steve, Sunday - 10:00,14:00,16:00,18:00 and 20:00) You can throw it into the Flame Altar for random rewards.

I hlb1(1)

Rewards Chance[ | ]

Item Chance
C bst3 MAG Boost 3%
C bst2 DEF Boost 3%
C bst1 ATK Boost 4%
X dex1 Finesse I 10%
X vit1 Endurance I 10%
X tal1 Ingenuity I 10%
X str1 Might I 10%
X dex2 Finesse II 10%
X vit2 Endurance II 10%
X tal2 Ingenuity II 10%
X str2 Might II 10%
A all9 Pictogram Suit 10%