DemonsAreCrazy Wiki



Overview[ | ]

  • Type: Open Arena
  • Mode: Minigames
  • Team: None
  • Objective: Win all 5 sports
  • Time 60 min

Main Objective[ | ]

Be the first to finish each minigame for stage rewards : Helympic Medal (Can be stacked up to a maximum of 5 per round.)

Arena Basics[ | ]

- This open arena consists of 5 sport minigames : Running, Hurdle, Soccer, Boxing, Archery

- Each minigame you win (First Place only) will grant you 1 Helympic Medal as a reward. Get first place on all 5 games to obtain the maximum reward. ( Max 5 boxes)

- Select a minigame with your friends by standing on its icon. It will automatically select the game with the most votes. After a game is selected, you will have to go to the starting point to confirm your participation.

  • Running: Run to the finish line
  • Hurdle: Jump through obstacles and reach the finish line
  • Soccer: Hit your ball to the finish line
  • Boxing: Take down your dummy as fast as possible
  • Archery: Take down all your targets as fast as possible

- All players will a fixed level of 13. Your level will not increase with enemy kills.

- Summon skills are not usable in this mode.

Tips[ | ]

Each demon is good at a variety of games. Try on different demons and see which works best for all sports.