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Iaron Skills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
PatchingWound GiantCleave Native Deal STR(2.0) dmg with normal attack, and STR(1.3) with walk attack.
IronGuard Iron Guard Native Enter guard stance with charge attack, reducing all phy.dmg by 50%.
BoldManeuver BoldManeuver Native Enable sprint attack, jump attack and double side or backward step with 50% evade.
DirtToDust DirtToDust Native Passively add 200% HP regen and 20% Earth/Wind resistance.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
OverStrength OverStrength Active Temporary increase LVL(20-30)% ATK but reduce LVL(10-15)% DEF for 13s.
HeadButt HeadButt Active Lurge forward, dealing STR(1.5~2.3) and stun an enemy for LVL(2~3)s.
Toughten HardenSkin Passive Add 5% DEF everytime Iaron receive phy.dmg for LVL(3-5)s. (Max LVL(30-50)%).
Judgement Judgement Active Smite with a giant blade dealing STR(3.3~5.0) [earth] dmg with 20 KO.
DeathMark DeathMark Active Mark a target with death, preventing it from gaining any HP for LVL(13~23)s.
ImmortalSoul ImmortalSoul Active Enable Iaron to block all physical damage for LVL(10~15)s.

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
PowerLeap PowerLeap Active Instantly launch forward and make jump attack land with AOE LVL(8-13)% stun.
PowerBreak PowerBreak Active Deal STR(1.3~2.0) +TAL(66~100) [earth] dmg and reduce target's phy.dmg by LVL 35% for 13 sec.
ArmorBreak ArmorBreak Active Deal STR(1.0~1.5) +TAL(100~150) [earth] dmg and reduce target's DEF by LVL 35% for 13 sec.
Beheader Beheader Active Swing blade and deals 2x STR(1.0~1.5) [dark] eff.dmg plus LVL(33~50)% of Iaron's missing HP.
DeathSentence DeathSentence Active Remove all buffs from target and prevent it from gaining any SP for LVL(8~13)s.
ExecutionDecree ExecutionDecree Active Increase Iaron's STR by LVL(100~150)%  for 13 sec. but disable all other active skill.

Third row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Toughen Toughen Active Add LVL(20-30)% DEF and [earth] protection for 13s, passively add LVL(20-30)% HardenSkin's max value.
DefensivePush DefensivePush Active Block all phy.dmg and deals 10x STR(1.0~1.5) [earth] dmg to front targets.
OffensiveCharge OffensiveCharge Active Deal STR(2.0-3.0) +TAL(200-300) phy.dmg and reduce [earth] protection by LVL(20-30)% for 23 sec.
Unbreakable Unbreakable Active Prevent any physical or magical damage to never exceed LVL(20~15)% of Iaron's MHP.
Impregnable Impregnable Active Passively gives Iaron LVL(66~100)% chance to block all dehancements.
FinalVerdict FinalVerdict Active Deal STR(4.0~6.0) [earth] dmg and reduce target's ATK and DEF by LVL(50~75)% for 13 sec.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
DoubleStun DoubleStun Active Deals 2xSTR(3.0~6.0) dmg and inflicts stun with weapon's element and inflicts 5 sec. time. CD(23)
Unnamed (3) DragonSlayer Active Deals 2xSTR(4.5~9.0) dmg (2x to Dragons) and reduce ATK and DEF by LVL 40% for 23 sec. CD(23)
Punisher MassMassacre Active Deals 5xSTR(1~2) +TAL(100~200) as eff.dmg multiplied with the number of targets. CD(45)
GraveCrusher GraveCrusher Active Deal tremondous STR(18-36) [earth] dmg to single target but also knock out Iaron.
AbsoluteStrength AbsoluteStrength Active Increase ATK by LVL(100~200)% for 23 sec.
DemonExecution LastEradicator Active Reflect back all phy.dmg for LVL(13~23)sec.