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Ishtar is a demon in DemonsAreCrazy.[ภาษาไทย]

Background[ | ]

Ishtar is the mother nature's vengenace incarnated. Seeking to gain the demon throne for her cause.

Strategy[ | ]

Ishtar is the best support healer among demons. She can also lock target movement from afar. Her main problem is her weak attacks that often made her bad for soloing anything.

Stats[ | ]

Base Stats lv 1 lv 10 lv 30 lv 60
STR 65 (+35) 65 82.5 117.5 170
VIT 110 (+80) 110 150 230 350
DEX 70 (+40) 70 90 130 190
TAL 115 (+85) 115 157.5 242.5 370
Elemental Resistance
Normal - Light - Fire - Wind - Water - Earth - Thunder - Ice - Poison - Dark -
Other Immunity

Ishtar Skills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
PoisonIvy Poison Ivy Native Give Normal Attack a 10% STR [poison] dmg over 7 sec.
Solaris Solaris Native Enable Ishtar to charge a homing life-energy, dealing 200% STR.
ForestDruid ForestDruid Native Gives Ishtar 25% poison element protection and immunity to poison.
EverGreen EverGreen Native Add 15% of Ishtar's MHP to all her plant summons.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Entangle Entangle Active Temporary binds target and deals TAL(20~30) [poison] e.dmg over LVL(2~3) sec.
Naturalized Naturalize Active Heal HLG(130~200) HP to allies in 23m and remove all abnormal status.
LivingLilly Living Lily Passive Summon a Lv. LVL(7~22) lilly that deals [poison] dmg to enemies. (Max 2)
Rejuvenate Rejuvenate Active Restore LVL(100~150)% MHP to target over 30 sec.
NaturesVengeance Nature's Vengeance Active Bind and drains 6xTAL(50~75) HP with [poison] dmg from surrounding enemies for 6 sec.
LifePresence Life Presence Passive Heals all demon allies and summons for LVL(5~10)% of Ishtar's HP every 15 sec.

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
SoothingWisp SoothingWisp Active Summon a wisp that heals ally for LVL(50~100) HP every 2s. (Max 3)
VenusTrap VenusTrap Active Plant a hidden trap that pulls and lock enemy for 2 sec. Max LVL(2~7) traps.
SunEater SunEater Active Summon a Lv. LVL(7~22) sunflower that deals [light] dmg to enemies. (Max 2)
VenomCloud VenomCloud Active Inflict TAL(66~100) and TAL(10~15) venom around Ishtar and summons for 23sec. (stacked.)
EcoSphere EcoSphere Passive Double max limit of plant summons and reduce their cool down by LVL(30~60)%
Eden Eden Active Summon a tree of life that continuously return LVL(10~15) MP to all allies in 30m.

Third row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
LifeStream LifeStream Active Temporary change n.attack effect to heal nearby allies for HLG(130~200) HP.
BurrowUnder BurrowUnder Active Burrow Ishtar and her plants, prevents dmg and heals HLG(400~600) and some MP over 6s. (Move to cancel.)
DevilsThorn DevilsThorn Active Summon a Lv. LVL(7~22) flower that deals [poison] [dark] eff.dmg with 3% death. (Max 2)
WildProtection WildProtection Active Give LVL(30~45)% [poison] protection and block abnormal status to all demon allies for 13 sec.
CallOfTheForest CallOfTheForest Active Increase Ishtar and all summons damage by LVL(100~150)% and focus attack on a target for 13s.
EntientProtector EntientProtector Active Summon a lv. LVL(20~30) guardian tree that attack with huge boulders in 80m range.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Lifebloom LifeBloom Active Heal 2xHLG(100-200) HP to allies and give demon allies LVL(10-20)% HP regen for 13s.
SecretGarden SecretGarden Active Periodically cure all abnormal status to allies in LVL(13-23)m area for 30s.
OverGrowth OverGrowth Active Evolve Living Lilly or Sun Eater to the next plant evolution with LVL(50~100)% lv. reduce summon LV
TowerOfThorns TowerOfThorns Active Deal 10xTAL(100~200) [poison] dmg at target area and reduce 10% [poison] (stack to 100%.)
WildFlourish WildFlourish Active Instantly summon max number of plants with LVL(100~200)% of their skill levels.
EternalGrade EternalGrade Active Continuously heal HLG(250~500) HP to all allies in 50m every 4s with 40 mp.

Ishtar Conquest[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win 6 Arenas with Ishtar I bls1 x3
Win 13 Arenas with Ishtar N gld5 100 golds
Win 23 Arenas with Ishtar Y ish1 Immunity I x1
Win 50 Arenas with Ishtar N gld8 300 golds
Win 66 Arenas with Ishtar Y ish2 Immunity II x1
Win 84 Arenas with Ishtar W ish51 Torment Staff x1
Win 103 Arenas with Ishtar Y ish3 Immunity III x1
Win 130 Arenas with Ishtar A ish51 Torment Stalk x1